Xiao Bao was treated just now, and Bloom was weak when he left, because the Emperor is likely to come after him and wait for an EQ CD to directly take Bloom away.

The quilt was weak, and the emperor really didn’t cooperate with us to take away the tower.
Because the belts on both sides of the road are flashing and igniting, we can’t catch up with this wave of group battles without P. Raven didn’t come over so quickly and decisively. After staying in the middle of the road for a while, he continued to take up the line on the road. The same is true for crocodiles. If he doesn’t join the group, he can try to line up with Raven as much as possible, because if he wants to disappear along the road, Raven can take off the tower.
When we went back to the city, I took two heads and went home with another attack speed. I still have some spare money in my shoes, so I can directly make it out.
It’s a little over 14 minutes, and it’s a good time for the Chinese Communist Youth League to win the third blue BUFF in the middle of the road.
Now we have a great advantage. If we win again in this wave, we can lay the foundation for this game.
The crocodile on the opposite side has a cruel big belt and ninja foot gear. On both sides of the road, there is a big holy grail. It is estimated that one piece of equipment on both sides is similar to an hourglass.
The auxiliary nature is that the eye stone comes out in the direction of the bird shield, and the small gun comes out first, and then the equipment comes out. This is generally the case when the small gun comes out, so that the killing ability is weak in the early stage. After the knife comes out, the linear speed is extremely fast, and the synthesis is smoother and better. However, if it is very smooth, it is also a better choice to directly suppress the nature.
At the moment, there are five people on both sides of the middle road. We have small guns and clockwork opposite Syndra and me. Both of them have excellent ability of clearing soldiers. AP and AD are temporarily deadlocked and don’t know how to start.
The key to this team battle is very good. The other side has a blind monk who can turn the table if he plays well. We have a strong ability of first-hand and anti-first-hand. There are flashes on both sides of the emperor. This team battle is very tense. It feels like catching the mouse hand and leaving the sweat field. It is quieter to hear the keyboard tapping than to be quiet. We watch the two sides move without saying a word and wait for the opportunity for the two sides to make mistakes.
Chapter 71 Four Killing Girls
"I faint to the opposite AP or AD Yumu, and you just" Ai Shi said with Syndra walking towards Yumu with small steps.
"Yeah, but this wave, I and the blind monk across the street flashed. You should also be careful that the blind monk across the street flashed R. Neither you nor Wang Tong flashed," Yu Mu said.
Before we can reply to Ashley, QE will stun the clockwork at a limit.
Yu Mu reacted very quickly and immediately the EQ flashed to control Syndra. At this moment, the EQ flashed. Of course, it was not. It was really necessary to do so as it was like playing an exhibition game at that time.
First, the distance between Yu Mu and the other is not enough. Second, it is very short when EQ flashes to the opposite side. If EQ flashes to the opposite side, Bloom needs quick hand speed and quick response. If the emperor puts out a big move at the same time, he can blow the emperor away, and the clockwork will run away. If he doesn’t say that the emperor will play a set for nothing, then this wave will be black.
Now that the clockwork was successfully provoked, it was too late for the crocodile to rush in and stun the emperor, and then the small cannon Bloom and clockwork immediately reversed the output of the emperor’s blood volume, which greatly reduced the emperor’s efforts to frame the clockwork, but it was already very profitable to stun the crocodile Bloom. Now it depends on our output.
The blind monk also reacted very quickly. W arrived at the clockwork, and then a Q hit the rear and was being output. I immediately kicked it over. Morgana gave me an E to prevent me from being kicked, and Sindra’s position was about the same distance as mine. At this time, QECD was ready to prepare for a QE to stun the blind monk. When the second Q of the blind monk came to me, it flashed directly behind Syndra and kicked Syndra to the opposite crowd.
Syndra entered the crowd and was caught by the residual blood clockwork QR. The small gun Q received the big move and output it directly. Syndra only had one big move to make the small gun on the small gun body residual blood.
Raven made a big move to directly take away the residual blood cannon, but it was blocked by Bloomwe.
Ruiwen was a little annoyed to see that the big move was resisted by Bloom, but she was not idle manually. Three Q’s entered the imperial wall and also exported crocodiles and clockwork, while I was behind me, and the two clockwork of them were madly exported to Syndra. After letting go of that big move, they were killed and taken away by my gun form. Our short-term fire output was too high.
At the same time, the big crocodile also rushed over. Obviously, the crocodile has been pushed to the end and the blind monk wants to cut us in the back row. His dizziness has passed, and in the back row, Mogana Morgana has released a big move to slow them down. I just killed the clockwork. I have a passive release rack and a machine gun. While walking around the rack, I won’t let the blind monk cut me, while outputting the crocodile. Because of passive walking, A is extremely smooth, and the opposite root can’t touch me.
When the crocodile was bleeding, I immediately released a big move and directly hit the crocodile and the blind monk. The crocodile died on the spot and the blind monk was bleeding.
Because the emperor was previously taken away by the fire cannon, Sindra took away the cannon from Yu Muhuang and got the double kill. At the same time, Bloom Q lived in Ruiwen and kept the residual blood cannon.
Raven has no skills, but she has a lot of blood, but she can retreat reflexively. If he wants to cross the tower, he will definitely be killed.
On the other hand, I changed to machine gun form and walked a blind monk, black blood blind monk, W. At this time, the CD was almost a W to the small gun body, and I lost the attack distance in an instant, but the injury was serious. I changed the machine gun form to the gun form and took it away with one shot. The blind monk passively refreshed the small gun again, and then I shot it twice, so I died, but I output one shot to the small gun body, and the small gun immediately put W ready to jump away.
"I knew he was going to jump." I smiled and immediately released a prediction when he moved out. When he was in the middle, I also sent out a laser and took away the small and medium-sized gun.
Because Bloom flashed and saw that the cannon was also taken away, he immediately flashed and ran to the second tower. Bloom’s blood was a little too much. I couldn’t chase him and no one resisted the tower. Unfortunately.
Jinx completed a four-kill!
"Brother Tong … Brother Tong is mighty!" Xiaobao stunned way
"Brother Tong is sharp" Yida adjusted her glasses frame and laughed.
Yu Mu smiled at me, because this kind of thing happened to me so often that he was used to it.
"Ah," I sighed and cooperated with a wave of soldiers to take off the middle tower smoothly, and then I went home with Yida Ruiwen and Xiaobao Morgana to collect 2 yuan from Xiaolong’s body and go straight home.
"How to play across the street? I am so smooth, tell me how to play opposite? " I’m going out to close the line, and I’m trying to force myself at this moment.
"Ha ha, I didn’t know it was so easy for Brother Tong to be your assistant." Xiao Bao smiled foolishly.
"Cut so smoothly, and some people can’t fight like this. It’s just me and I can do it." Ai Shi saw that I looked like a careless expression and directly exported it to hit me.
I smiled and ignored her. She continued, "The creator is fair, and I am strong in AD. It is no accident that I am built in a nagging and questioned environment to grow and progress. Just laugh at me severely. I need your questioning and ridicule on the road to rule."
Aishi rolled her eyes at me and said nothing. She should know that bickering with people like me will not lead to good results.
It is the most important to analyze the situation in a game. The word "overall situation" is the most popular and familiar word in DOA.
At this time, we took two dragons, and I got the most heads, and then the tower outside the opposite road and the middle road was broken, which means that we can invade the opposite wild area at will and squeeze the money from the opposite side, and then catch the other side by mistake. One person immediately pushed or took the dragon.
"Now I’ll develop the thread first and try to give it to me, so that I can make an output explosion after the knife," I said to everyone.
"Anyway, I won’t give you the middle route, so I also want a line and four ghosts’ money," Aishi said
"Sister Shi, don’t make trouble in the middle of the road. Give me this wave line. After I collect it, I will play a few wild games. After I collect the route, I will add a red BUFF and the money will be almost the same. Then the wave group will directly teach the opposite person to be a man." I sincerely said.
"Call me Ajie and I’ll give it to you." Aishi gave me a playful smile.
Is grandma flirting with me?
"Forget it, I don’t want it. I hate being molested by others most in my life." I said angrily. Anyway, the advantage of not giving me money now is to extend my personal show a little bit later
"Here you go, cheapskate." Aishi left the pie mouth and went to brush the three wolves.
I immediately crossed the road and took away a large wave of lines in the middle, and then I brushed the four ghosts to take away the stones. The man ran to the road and took away a wave of lines in the road. At this time, the red BUFF brushed it, took it off and went home to make a knife as he wished.
19 minutes and less than 2 minutes.
"Can you go to the wild area to catch or the dragon forces the group?" I asked, I usually have an absolute advantage and I am too lazy to analyze the situation. I want to listen to others and have a personal show.
"Dragon forces the regiment"
"wild catching"
Two tones ring at the same time.
Yumu said that the wild area caught Yida and said that Dalong forced the regiment.
The two men froze at each other’s glances
"then catch it in the wild."
"Then the dragon will force the regiment."
Yu Mu and Yida looked at each other again.
"Ha ha ha you two tease" aishi laughed.
Then the two men sighed at the same time, and Yu Mu asked me, "Brother, you make a decision."
It’s hard for me to say, "huh? I make a decision? I have a phobia of choice. Why not just push it? "
Ai Shi gave me a white look and said, "Push directly? It’s so good to keep the tower array with a small gun on the opposite side. You said you wanted to push it? If you kill crocodiles and blind them, you’ll be wiped out, you idiot. "
I don’t ask in vain, "Isn’t a wave also a direct group?" Not the same. Kill the dough and take the tower? "
"It’s because the emperor has summoner skills that he seized the opportunity by surprise. What’s wrong with being opposite now? You don’t even know how to be king, "said Aishi grumpily.
"Can you stop being mean to me all the time? Do you know that my heart is fragile and I can’t stand stimulation?" I asked Aishi.
Ai Shi confidently said, "Catch in the wild area."
Chapter 72 Mysterious coach
This is the most consistent idea of Yumu. I agree to go to the wild area to catch it.

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