According to Mianshui Fangji Qinglong, there are still a few monsters left in this Mianshui River Basin who are of high grade and can’t eat by themselves. Now it’s better to brush the experience first, and the three disciples should do coolies first.

After a moment’s meditation, Wu Chi’s demon raccoon said, "Now that you have been to this thing, let’s do it. I need a lot of materials for the demon clan to start. Now I will go to Liuhua River to slay the screen beast and collect these stupid things."
It’s good to have a water side, so you can plan ahead to kill that kind of monster and know what you want to get all the way-all the mountains and seas are quoted and sealed in Wuxian East, and there is a black seal before and after it, which is also called screen seal, screen seal and turtle seal
According to the ancient books, the screen meets the beast, which is the combination of the beast and the beast. Today, people study that both snakes and birds are sealed together, and the screen is mythical. Therefore, the screen meets the beast level of 50 and can spit water arrows. Those who are deep in defense can resist water.
According to Wu Sha Lian Lei, every hide is extremely tough, and fire and water don’t hurt. The sword can’t be made into clothes, and it won’t drown in water. Wu Chi chose this monster. After considering that Fangshan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, he must deal with water. Now the sword tactic is less than 20 layers, and the surging wave tactic doesn’t inspire spells. It is good to prepare more pieces of water-escaping equipment.
Clothing accessories can be made by players who have acquired brocade skills. However, if a single brocade skill is used to make clothes, the decoration base has no additional properties. If the craftsmanship is assisted, the decoration properties will be strong-this is described in the thunder refining article.
In the past, I killed a killer whale overseas and got a water jacket, but the performance of the water jacket was single and the attribute was not good. After reading the chapter on refining thunder with black evil spirit, Wu Chi had long wanted to forge a powerful water jacket suitable for him to do things in Fangshan. Today, it is convenient to have three green dumplings to drive.
The dragon exorcised the demon and the raccoon dog, and the four monsters swam forward proudly, stirring the bottom of the water, tumbling the rapids, and the fish and shrimp suffered. All the way past, the fish monsters sneaked away. They were too strong, not only huge in size, but also huge in strength. Let alone moving their claws, they even escaped. If the fish monsters didn’t hit them, they would be shattered.
Soon they arrived at the entrance of Liuhua River. The demon raccoon stopped and ordered, "Go in and drive them out. If you block the estuary, you will be annihilated." The three disciples obeyed, and the dumpling body rushed into Liuhua River. It was easy to kill the screen and meet the beast. It was easy to lift a finger.
The 80-level green dumpling will win or lose the 50-level screen. It’s just after a while that the younger brother moved to get the merit value of 10 thousand and handed it over to the master of 1000. The first benefit after accepting the apprentice is that he won’t get the merit value automatically by himself.
Looking in from the mouth of the river, I can see that the water waves are overwhelming and the whirlpool is abusing. Obviously, the green dumplings have made a proud tactic-the more water dragons are killed for me, the better. The disciples of Wuchi Demon Beast encouraged him in their hearts. He waited for a long time at the mouth of the river to get a unified system, but he kept coming to the screen for merits, but he didn’t see half of it.
Ah, his grandmother is not good. Don’t kill all the animals in the screen. The demon raccoon doesn’t block the estuary in a hurry, and he has entered the Liuhua River to see the original clarification that the river has become turbid. The mud at the bottom of the river has polluted the whole river.
A few giant whirlpools are full of screen beasts, and their bodies have been mutilated and torn to pieces by water forces. Three green dragons are sucking the breath of screen beasts. The need for players to train is the experience of demon NPC upgrading, and the spirit beasts have absorbed their vitality, which helps them to do the right thing.
After a few days, these three disciples forgot what the master told them to do, and forgot to drive the screen animals to kill themselves. The green dumplings are not dedicated to hunting the screen animals. When their hoses come out of the river, it is simply slaughter and extinction-it can be called Tuhe.
"Damn things, stop it. Don’t make the hoses spin the condensed water into ice to surround them." The green dumpling spell is not only the sixth-order waterway tactic of the hoses spin, but also several low-order water spells. The condensed water into ice technique is one of them. The number of layers of green dumplings can make Fiona Fang thousand meters of water condense into ice walls.
The demon raccoon dog suddenly woke up with a big drink. It was pleasant to absorb the aura. The green dumplings were broken and patronized by themselves. They forgot the master’s instructions. The green dumplings did not dare to neglect the dumpling mouth. As soon as they sucked the water, they immediately opened their mouths and spit out the white cold, and immediately condensed the river thousands of feet away into a yellow ice wall.
The green dumplings still quite understand the master’s meaning. Instead of condensing the river, they form an ice wall around the periphery to surround several creatures so that the master can cast spells to kill and hunt.
Demons and raccoons don’t talk much. More than 3,000 green water snakes have tied up a hundred screen beasts and thousands of other fish monsters in an instant. The screen beasts in the Liuhua River are almost killed by the green dumplings. If Wu Chi comes one step later, I’m afraid even this hundred will have to be found.
Thousands of water blades whirled and flew away, killing their lives instantly. Thousands of water waves whirled and killed these screen animals. After killing the fish monster, the demon raccoon immediately decomposed their bodies and collected a lot of materials.
Screen every beast is valuable, that is, the fish skin, Wuchi Demon Beaver, has collected more than 100 pieces of other materials, which have been collected by Qinglong and stored in the Dragon Palace for the future, which makes this transportation method unique. The green dumplings have no magic weapon to make the material river condense into a huge ice cube.
Three green dumplings pushed the ice to move forward, and the demon raccoon went back to the Dragon Palace with the fruits of victory in bring up the rear. The demon raccoon scolded the three disciples for swearing, and didn’t pay more attention to the situation behind them. I didn’t see a sword light far behind them
That sword light divides the water, and the sword light is a man with white hair, shawls, beautiful eyes and eyebrows. At this moment, he is frowning and thinking that it is a bit bad for him to come here today to hunt the screen and get the first hand of a few monsters, and there are more than three green dumplings of level 80.
But today, when I meet you, I will know your nest. In the future, you are the things in my bag. I think of the precious materials of the green dumpling. The white-haired boy smiled at him. Dongting Lake is not without dragon monsters. Unfortunately, there are super monsters there, which he can’t hunt now.
Although I didn’t kill every beast today, I learned that Sanqing Dumpling’s whereabouts are not worth the loss. But there is another monster, but what is it? It is also powerful to watch it cast spells. But the white-haired teenager always feels that this monster is familiar, but I can’t remember it. There are too many monsters in Dongting Lake. How can I remember it clearly?
As the green dumplings entered the water and saw them disappear into a mountain, the white-haired boy smiled and stretched out his slender index finger. A half-moon blade was shot into the mountain, hidden in the rocks, and the trace was not obvious. The white-haired boy fled to the east of the water and snorted in his heart. It is the first day for you to wait again.
Zhen water, a sword light floats from the bottom of the water, and the blink of an eye has reached the height of kilometers. This height has not been attacked by Qingling Sword Net. When this sword light crosses kilometers, Bai Xu Dao Qing Ling’s firm but gentle blows from all sides, but when Qingling’s firm but gentle is still halfway, the sword light has crossed kilometers, and the attack speed of Qingling’s firm but gentle cannot be chased at all.
This sword light turns out to be a player after leaving a boulder by the Houmian River. He can’t see any sect logo on his wide sleeves in Tsing Yi. His face is handsome and he muttered with harmony. "What is this little white hair doing here? Isn’t Dongting Lake enough for him?"
Facing the spring sunshine, the Tsing Yi people’s royal sword shines on his face. If Wu Chi were here, he would surely know that this is a person. His old friend, an old acquaintance of Dog Tail Village, is now a high brother in Qingcheng-Danshui Tsing Yi.
Demons and disciples returned to the Dragon Palace to unload their war profits and make an inventory after the war. Today, the most fruitful achievement is not to meet the skins, but tens of thousands of scales of five-spotted ridged tigers. According to the chapter on refining thunder with black evil spirits, this can also be used to make the materials, which are a little lower in order. It is not a precious thing.
Wu Chi’s demon raccoon dog won’t talk to Qing Jiao’s disciples in ink, telling them not to kill creatures at random, and then he went out of the Dragon Palace and said he was going to visit friends.
The first step to make water-repellent clothes is to find a brocade player. Although Wudang control area has expanded its manpower, it still can’t find a brocade player. This problem can be solved by looking for perineum.
On the way to perineum, Wu Chi received a unified sign that Qing Lingjian. com killed 10,000 players and passed on the negative merit value of 30,000. After receiving this sudden sign, Wu Chi was terrified out of her wits. Now her merit value is less than 300 million, so I must brush my experience immediately, or it will be a bad consequence of going out of the mountain gate.
By the way, didn’t Tang chop Ziyi say that he would help me brush my experience? Now it’s just the right time to find them and do two things. I want to brush my experience in the monster area immediately. Wu Chi remembered Tang chop’s promise and immediately changed his mind and continued to fly to Huiyin Mountain.
The purple rainbow will be surrounded by thunder and thunder, and the guards in Yinshan will shout at Wu Chi and ignore them. Now it’s urgent. Where does it sometimes cause misunderstanding to say hello to you? When you meet Tang chop, it will naturally clarify.
Tang Chop, who arrived at Yinshan Headquarters, was already waiting outside. When he met Wu Chi, he complained, "You are too reckless to behave in obscene songs. Why don’t you meet my members? You see, I have received thirteen emergency flying swords here."
"What a fart! I’m about to be kicked out of the gate. Sometimes it’s urgent to see them. Now my merit value is less than 3 thousand, or the three directors will be promoted to the two of you."
Wu Chi cried angrily, "Tang cut a listen to music. It turned out to be this. This little boy was too lazy to brush his merits and demerits. Now it would be a disaster to find him in advance." Don’t worry, there are still three thousand merits and demerits to brush his songs. Purple clothes and I have a plan for you and peace of mind. I’ll fly my sword and call Purple clothes first. "
Bullshit. How natural is your merit? How can I feel at ease when I’m less than 3,000 now? And when Purple Clothes arrive, I’ll have to die if I can’t come for a while. Now I want you to accompany me to brush my merit. Wu Chi insists on going to brush the blame Tang first. I’m really anxious to see him and agree.
A deep blue sword light rises and goes to the west quickly. This is going to the Motianling to the west. Wu Chi is pulling Tang chop to take off the royal sword. Tang chop frowned and said, "You don’t ask where? We always have to make some preparations, such as buying some Dan medicine."
Er, I was so flustered that I forgot the necessary steps of leveling. Wu Chi said, "Tell me how much Dan medicine you want to buy, and I’ll share the share. I’m not familiar with this place. By the way, there’s one more thing I have to trouble you to find me a player with high brocade skills. I need him to do something."
Wu Chi said that Tang chop was a surprise and a surprise. "I strongly support the obscene song that you want to make water-escaping objects, but how can you learn this art of making utensils? Even if you have a tactic of making utensils, it’s also a level of 50."
"Er ~ Er ~ ~ I know a player who has reached level 50 and promised to help me make the device." When Wu Chi said this, Tang Jian was shocked again. "What’s more, there are players at level 50, but people have such magical powers."
Well, I won’t tell you that guy is not level 50, but level 80, and he’s not a player. He’s my NPC apprentice, Qing Jiao. One yuan asked Tang Chop about Wu Chixiao and didn’t answer. Today, there are some surprises for you. Hey, hey, I just won’t tell you to suffocate you.
Tang chop couldn’t get the answer, so he gave up on Wu Chidao, "You are so secretive about obscene songs. Yesterday, Zi Xiao was firm but gentle, and I was taken aback. Today, I was surprised to know a level 50 player again. Well, since you didn’t tell me, I won’t ask everyone about his privacy."
"Do you know where we are going to brush our experience?" Tang chop smiled. "Where?" Wu Chi doesn’t mind asking him if he wants to come here to brush his experience. Most of the places are where the three directors work together and where they don’t wipe out.
"We should not only brush our experience, but also explore. Our goal is to die in the beautiful forest-the third phase of the alliance exploration goal one. Today, our three directors should take the lead in the alliance to do something." Tang chop’s answer made Wu Chi feel speechless with a heartbeat.
Welcome to W WW C OM
Flexibility of twelve-back preference rule
Life is like a chessboard. Every step can’t be done as you want. Every time the other side falls, it has thousands of changes. The chess situation is in response. Maybe inadvertently, you have fallen into a strong wind and you are likely to lose everything, but Xu Tu’s funeral can be a good strategy.
Wu Dao has been trapped deeper and deeper since he was stirred into Fangshan, and he has been given the position of God by the system, and he can’t get rid of going to Fangshan. Since the beginning of the incident, he has two other disciples and a fish demon, Yu Jiu Xiao, and his single number theory can be beheaded by Tang, Zi Yi and Wu Chi Fang.
However, in the giant whirl in which the birds covered the sea, the two men hung back, and his side immediately went to the middle. At this time, Tang chop and Zi Yi were fighting for each other, which was naturally a struggle against the wind. Now the situation is obvious. Tang chop, Zi Yi, Sweet Potato and Wu Chi have twisted into a ball, and the situation must not be deadlocked.
If he can abandon the future interests of this mountain, no one will benefit from the mutual destruction of Tang Zi’s side. There are six messengers and six players in the whole mountain. If two people deliberately find it difficult, everything will not work. Tang Zi and his wife are considering this.
But this mountain belongs to the celestial genus, and it is rich in resources, even if it is blind, it can be seen that in the future, the angel will make great benefits. Wu Dao also measured people’s vision and experience, but he still has a little reluctance to take such benefits, so naturally he will not do that last move.
I can step back for a while, and if he turns over and the two sides are deadlocked for a day, this situation will not be broken. Wu Dao’s step back is not to act in a crooked way, but to show that he is not only playing the situation, but also creating and expanding his own gains and losses.
I have also given you benefits, and I have also made you dissatisfied-this is not only a sign of sincerity, but also a temptation. If the other party wants to press hard, there is nothing to talk about and nothing to be satisfied with.
"It’s really not easy for this guy to do this step. What do you have to say?" Tang chop look around three people hesitated to ask now four people away from Wu Dao by purple clothes offering a magic weapon name’ three stunning barrier’ to circle four people into three desperate situations.
Three stunning barriers-Shadow and color can isolate external sounds, which is convenient for players to discuss confidential matters. The effective range of ten feet is the fourth-order magic weapon. After the player sacrifices this magic weapon, all team members can listen to the sound without being seen by foreigners.
"Since he can make concessions, but this priority has been given to the purple clothes according to our prior division. This problem depends on the meaning of the purple clothes." The sweet potato hand-cranked folding fan is leisurely and leisurely. Wu Tao said that the conditions depend on other things. He is naturally relaxed
"This person is also smart to take a step back first and then make conditions." Purple clothes smiled and he strolled for two steps and looked up for a moment. "Priority is not as good as the three major equipment resources, but it is too unpredictable and random. If there is a super, I will benefit from it. If he wins …"
When the other two people heard this, they all moved. It was a random reward. There may be a big reward or a small reward for Wu Dao. It’s no big deal, but if there is a super reward for this person, the strength will increase greatly, which will probably lead to the reshuffle of the combination forces of God.
"Purple clothes say this threat can’t be ignored. I would rather give him more fixed resources, and I can’t take it out. This will weaken our strength and we must refuse him." Before Tang cut the sweet potato and changed it, I could easily look awe-inspiring
Next to Wu Chi, I heard that the rookie of this game didn’t understand anything, just like listening to the sky. But when they said that they wanted to give up a fixed resource, they immediately plugged in. "Bah, there are still many fixed resources, such as flying swords, magic weapons and Tao. What can we give him after we have finished dividing them?"
"Yin Song, you are at ease and won’t ask you to give up the magic weapon to give priority to the game resources. Besides flying swords, magic weapons and Taoism, aren’t there decorations? We can give this to Wu Dao." Fang Da, the chief speaker, immediately knew the implication of his words.
Compared with flying swords, magic weapons and Taoism, decorative equipment is a world of difference. Before Wu Chi’s death, all the bases were thrown into the unified store and exchanged for a copper coin. These things are really rubbish, even if they are given away, they will also take up the dry Kun bag, otherwise it would be better to exchange a few copper coins.
"Tang, it’s really high for you to give this to Wu Dao. Will he accept it? Even if he accepts, we still have to make another resource. Tell me who wants to give priority. "Wu Chi thinks that Tang chop is too light. Is this kind of garbage equipment acceptable to Wu Dao?
"Since he is willing to take a step back, he has his own desire. It is only natural for the strong to take the good and the weak to get the bad. I have already said this just now, and I have ways to compensate him … so it is almost the same." Tang said that the three men nodded frequently
The three stunning barriers were removed, and the four figures appeared and went to Wu Dao and Yu Yao. "Have you made a final decision?" Wu Dao, this man’s self-restraint kung fu is still good. After waiting for a long time, he is still smiling.
"I’ve decided, but I have to ask Brother Jiu Xiao and more than one brother Wu that you heard, but do you agree?" The four men agreed to be beheaded by Tang.

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