And once you are advanced, you can say that heaven and earth are in the same place and I am still alive.

It’s the so-called putting oneself in others’ shoes that makes me wonder why these heretics are fragile and die as easily as ants.
"Ha ha, do you think they are dead?"
Yuan Heng said smilingly for various reasons. He, a man who has experienced two universes, can naturally think easily.
"Little sister felt that they really seemed to be dead, but …"
Whether the other party is dead or not can still be confirmed, but she still wonders. Although these guys are really brittle, they shouldn’t be so beaten, right?
At any rate, it’s also the pick of Jin Xian, who is a mixed god. This fragile body makes Nu Wa somewhat incredible.
Are there any secrets they can hide from her?
Chapter 14 Fuyuan Vast Nuwa God (1)
"Then don’t get it! They are really dead!"
Yuan Heng is confident. "I know what you’re thinking. Maybe their ability to save lives has dropped away from their own side, or that’s what they were!"
Nu Wa thought for a moment, then nodded his head and died. If he didn’t die every time, he met a direct crush, that is, maybe he would have proved that he was a master of the series of mixed elements on the Avenue of Nature. It makes people feel numb to think about it …
Yu said that the other party directly sent a mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian to come over. Do you eat for nothing when you are the avenue?
Avenue can tolerate pick Jin Xian is even mixed series, because these are all in the scope of today’s first heavenly demon’s ability to cope.
However, this series will never be allowed to be mixed with Yuan Da Luo Jinxian!
Hehe, in the final analysis, it’s not an ordinary new world, it’s not an unsupported universe.
"But our universe is really eventful. Now it’s just the beginning of the universe, and there are all kinds of ghostly appearances, which adds a lot of variables to our future disaster …"
Yuan Heng sighed and shook his head, determined to take some actions to minimize these variables when the time comes in the future!
"Yes, Brother Yuan Heng, it seems that we are busy in the future!"
Nu Wa agreed and nodded, saying that her heart is slightly heavy here. Although she looks down on the development level of heresy, there is no denying that the universe is far from reaching its peak. Even the strongest group of them in the universe is now just beginning, let alone the others.
Never underestimate them. Don’t look at those heretics. It seems to be hidden, but almost if you are careful, God can find all kinds of traces, and at the top, a small group of great powers are deeply aware of the potential threat of these guys
If it weren’t for the wrong time, their strength would still be in the period of high-speed explosion, and it would be too hidden to add each other. It is too difficult to eradicate them by mastering all kinds of hidden secret methods and even hiding the will of heaven and earth.
But this does not mean that they are indifferent to this!
The so-called couch side does anyone else snore and sleep!
What’s worse, every creature born and raised in the wild will never sit back and watch others engage in reckless activities in their own homes. What’s worse, is it always arrogant?
If the time comes, they will never hesitate to shoot!
"By the way, Nuwa, you don’t seem to have created race?"
"Ha ha, don’t you two brothers and sisters have enough libraries?"
Yuan Heng came to Fengqi Mountain for so long, but he didn’t see any other creatures, so he felt a little strange. "Isn’t this creature as early as possible?"
Although there is no time limit for this racial restriction, it is so-called when you want to create it, even if you come back after the direct testimony.
But that’s not how it works. It’s said that race is a duty, but in fact, everyone knows that it’s actually a avenue to give them a kind of welfare!
It’s a lot of benefits to create a race first, and the sooner the better.
After the creation of this race, don’t say how much luck they can gather and how much fruit they will contribute to these creators. If these races are prosperous enough to carry out the will of the first gods, they will accelerate their integration into the world and reduce the obstacles in the future.
There are many advantages to talking about race creation.
But if it can’t be created early, will other races survive after they develop and become prosperous and occupy a large amount of resources?
"It turns out that Brother Yuan Heng has noticed it!"
Nu Wa gave a wry smile. "It’s not that my little sister doesn’t want to take advantage of the early chance to create a race, but it’s not enough to create the creatures in my little sister’s mind at this time."
"oh? This is? Don’t we have a avenue to help the gods create creatures first? "
Yuan Heng feels a little strange. Although this creature avenue only has the most basic strength to support others, it depends on their own abilities, but it should only be a matter of time for them, right?
"Alas, my brother and I are ghosts of heaven, yin and yang. Naturally, we will work together to create a race. What do you think of my brother and me?"
The sooner this race is created, the better. It’s not that they don’t understand, but the reality is that the two brothers and sisters are going to jointly create a race, which involves all aspects, such as the roads they have built.
"Practice avenue? !”

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