Although the whole thing seems a little dramatic, it is the fact.

Yu Long canthus drooping waiting for the light god to answer.
But the light worships God without saying anything. His eyes are slightly closed and he doesn’t know what he is thinking. It seems that he is not going to answer Yu Long’s words.
"God-fearing things have come to this. Do you think everything is still in your hands?" Yu Long faint sigh eyes over the light statue of god.
The God of Light laughed. The smile was light, indifferent and self-deprecating. After a long silence, he said, "There are some things I will always do …"
Yu Long squinted at him. "But do you think you will succeed?"
Guangzun smiled and didn’t explain what it meant to say, "I have to do it, or I have no way out of heaven."
"So you are also afraid of death-!" Yu Long Ga laughed, and there was a trace of bitterness in the shrill voice. "I, Yu Zun, have long looked down on life and death … but it’s really surprising that you are afraid of death. By the way, you haven’t answered my question yet? What’s the matter with the bridled Taoist? When did he follow you …
"He has always been on my side … God slowly raised his head and looked straight at Long Yu. His eyes were very cold and awe-inspiring." He is my man … one is "
Yu Long immediately froze.
Seriously, he is full of honor.
Staring into the eyes of the God of Light, Yu Long said, "He is the chess you have already arranged? Don’t you have long expected that you will have today? "
Guangzun God smiled at himself again. "If I had expected this day, I would not have put up with such a thing."
"To be honest, the bridled road flyover was an accident … The light statue of God laughed." In fact, I almost forgot him … "
"What do you mean?" Yu Long is puzzled.
The light statue of God didn’t answer his question with a face of indifference, but his eyes gradually stopped. He turned the topic coldly. "Been achieved the realm of witch gods, and I helped some … If you think a Ba Du is not enough, I can let Be join hands with Ba Du …
"Are you threatening me?" Long Yu Han Dao
"Whatever you think … the light statue of God’s eyes opened slightly and said," If you want to have me, you will have me … I am very resistant … "
Yu Long slowly lowered his eyes and said, "What do you want to know? My strength has risen to the chaotic land and has not attracted the attention of the power of heaven?"
"Of course!" God’s eyes flicked lightly in Yu Long’s face and said, "You have me today, which is my gift. You will always be in my hands, but today I was wrong. You are out of our control. I am confused about how you did it."
Yu Long Gherardini looked at the light and suddenly said, "Maybe it’s because I’m just …"
Light statue of god waved a little tired.
For Long Yu, he is not.
Justice or evil, he knows the so-called justice best, that is, there is no hard and fast standard for winners to write hymns.
Yu Long went on to say, "It’s a great title to honor God, but your heart is full of demons and thoughts …"
He suddenly smiled and said, "I won’t tell you the specific reason unless you die. I told Ba Du that today is the same for you."
After hearing what Yu Long said, God’s eyebrows are also very finely wrinkled.
"I hate it when people threaten me with my woman …" Yu Long sighed wearily. "In fact, I don’t hate you very much. What I said is true, and I should thank you for telling the truth. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today, whether you are well-intentioned or malicious, but in fact, I am where you are."
He said in a slightly sharp voice, "I told you that if you didn’t play these plots with me, maybe I would help you with gratitude."
"Will you?" Light statue of god sneered
"Of course … it’s a pity that you won’t believe it because you can’t understand it." Yu Long said with a smile, "You and Ba Du are actually the same kind of people … You are a kind of sadness in your own body. On the contrary, the emperor lives more tastefully than you. People know what love is and what feelings are. There are many confidantes around them …"
Yu Long’s eyes narrowed slightly and sneered, "If I were you, I wouldn’t live alone for so many years. I’d rather."
"I really don’t understand your meaningless life. Are you tired of so many intrigues?" Yu Long pursed his lips and shook his head contemptuously and said, "Sad!"
The light statue of God’s eyes is still a blur, just like the root didn’t hear Yu Long’s stab in the heart. Every sentence was forced to say slowly, "Everyone has his own way of life and happiness …"
"Young people don’t want to live their lives to see others … just look at Yu Long coldly." I feel very happy, that’s enough. "
Light statue of genie laughed at Yu Long and said, "You haven’t answered me yet? If you don’t take the initiative to upgrade, then I will continue to force you. "
Yu Long didn’t answer. After coughing for two times, the corners of his mouth picked up a smile worth playing. "God, if I tell you that even if I repair to the heaven, it won’t cause any changes. Do you believe it? Maybe you will be white. It’s a great achievement for you to be a body … Of course, it’s not bad for me to do these things. You have made me strong. Seriously, I am very grateful to you … "
After listening to this, I was silent for a long time. I don’t know if this is the default or thinking about what I should do. Should I believe Yu Long’s words
After a long time, he said indifferently, "Why should I trust you … so you tell me that I can give up my plan?"
"Now that I have done it, I can’t give up halfway, and I will continue to do it regardless of the future results," said the God of Light with a slight sneer. "Even if the final result is failure, I’m so-called less effort and less I have done something …
The light statue of God’s eyes are sharp, and his voice is steady. He said slightly, "Although you are out of my control, I still refuse to accept your fate."
"Life?" Yu Long looked at him coldly and said, "I’ll give you your destiny. You’ve always held it …"
"There are ants in front of heaven …" The light statue of God is sitting on a soft couch, and a powerful and solemn breath emerges from the whole body. He looked up and looked at Yu Long Shen and said, "Not only me, but even you are just ants in front of heaven …"
The light statue of God is getting louder and louder, looking at Yu Long with a gloomy cold. "Tell me exactly how you did it … that you have got the law of heaven from Tianyuan …"
Yet a Yu Long was silent.
"I carefully watched your sword attack … if you hadn’t mastered the laws of heaven, you wouldn’t have been able to do those attacks …" The light statue of God slowly closed his eyes and his thin lips were slightly chilling. "Tell you if it’s true?"
Yu Long leng one immediately laughed "guess for yourself …
Light statue of god said coldly, "even if you don’t say it, I will try to prove it."
Yu Long sighed and said, "Forget it, I don’t want to be too hard on you … God, really, I have mastered the laws of heaven and it has been integrated into my mind."
"What?" Light statue of god smell speech facial expression, a slight change seems unbelievable.
"It’s true-!" Yu Long said, "and I have a feeling that the law of heaven in my mind should not be Tianyuan’s mastery of that …
Light statue of god nodded and said, "It is obvious that the root of the law of heaven is not Tianyuan’s mastery of that … Yuan’s mastery of the law of heaven is that we realize that it is an incomplete law … it is impossible to integrate with you, otherwise Tianyuan would have become like you …"
Listening to the analysis of the light statue of God, Yu Long asked in his heart is getting stronger and stronger
He was also sure that Yu had other laws besides Tianyuan’s mastery of the law of heaven, which was really incredible.
Just as Long Yu was about to ask when Guangzun waved his hand and said lightly, "I know what you want to ask … I’m really surprised."
"Then you should believe me now, even if I practice to heaven, it won’t help," Yu Long said.
It’s not as good as looking at him with anger and saying, "Yes, I have to believe … Yu, since you have mastered the laws of heaven, can’t you think of some ways with the emperor?"
"Ha ha-!"
Long Yu smiled "to be honest, I have never thought about it? I remember what you said. It’s feasible, but why should I do it? "
Light statue of god noticed Yu Long lip angle that silk sarcasm I don’t know the statue of the bottom of my heart suddenly trembled.
He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He said slowly, "The reason is simple. If you can help us solve this problem, I won’t bother you anymore … Be your three realms, respect me, stay in my world, and we will stay out of it."
"God really tells me that you are very poor, and I can hardly believe you," Yu Long confessed. "If I help you solve the threat of heaven, I think you will treat me as a new threat.
It’s hard to imagine that I can protect myself when you have no checks and balances …
"In other words, a despicable person like you is not worth saving …" Yu Long said coldly.

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