"Don’t you always like talking around me?"

"Why didn’t you say it today?"
"… why don’t you say chestnut if today? You won the lottery, you know? If you don’t come back, I’ll pay my uncle a fine! "
"If chestnut …"
Suddenly the phone rang!
He bounced up with a start and fumbled for his mobile phone.
"Hello, hello chestnut if-"
"Yu is me! I am Qi Jing! Are you waiting for Li ruo to talk? "
His heart jumped from surprise to strength and answered, "Oh, Qi Jing, what’s up?"
"If not chestnut necklace lost to me, do you remember? Yesterday, our English teacher saw what the face-to-face word was, what the competition was, what the medal was, and then I went to look it up and I found wow! Do you know that?/You know what? This is a famous award! Although I haven’t heard much about it, it’s very powerful here! And I saw Li ruo taking pictures! Said he was the youngest winner of this medal ever! Hey, is he so good? I also had a brain problem with him before. Ha ha ha wow, no, Yu, this award is really amazing-"She seems to be looking at that webpage and constantly sending out regrets.
"Yes, it’s a great prize. He seems to have told me so." He scratched his head and suddenly found that he seemed to have forgotten how to tell him.
He was just about to think about Liang Qijing and said, "Yes, this medal is really too expensive. I can’t take it from you. I’ll give it back to him when I meet him."
"Good-er, Qi Jing, he has gone to France now, and I don’t know how to contact him."
"Well … but this thing is too sacred for me now. Why don’t you take it and give it to him when he comes back? Otherwise, I can’t afford to lose the gold. How can I buy this thing if I lose it?"
Yu was finally amused. "Well, let’s make an appointment to meet somewhere."
"Ok, wait for me in that car in your school, and I’ll get it for you."
"Well, my family has something to do now. I may not go to school, but I’ll go to your school. I’ll wait for you at the noon gate."
"That’s all right," Liang Qijing readily replied and asked, "I don’t seem to be too concerned about your voice. What happened at home?"
"No, nothing …"
"Yu your home just you and your uncle two people can have what thing? Is there something wrong with your uncle? "
"… um … he was caught"
"Was caught? Where did you catch it? "
"Public Security Bureau"
"What? ! What? "
"Alas, write, write yellow"
"Cough! This will also be caught? "
"Well, isn’t it just sweeping pornography now?"
"What can I do? What did the police say? A fine? "
"Yesterday, I went to ask if it was okay to pay the fine, but today I can’t go, saying that he hit the police inside."
Liang qi jing swallowed "isn’t it? How did your uncle get in and be so brave? "
"Oh, just … I didn’t listen. The policeman taunted him."
"That was caught in can have a good word? The bureau can’t go against the police. It’s a stupid thing to know! Is your uncle too bold? "
Yu two quick "alas, his temper also … alas …"
"So you have to go to the public security bureau tomorrow, right?"
"Well, I’m afraid of him …"
Liang Qijing wanted to think and said, "Why don’t we meet at the gate of the Public Security Bureau? My uncle, the archivist of the Public Security Bureau, will ask him later. Maybe he can find a way to see if Heaven can help you."
"Really?" Yu jumped up. "Are you serious? Great! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Liang Qijing burst out laughing. "Look at the horse, you will have spirit, but don’t be too happy. They are not a department and may not be able to help, but they should always help you inquire about the situation, right?"
"well! It’s good to be able to inquire about the situation. Thank you! "
The next morning, Yu went to the public security bureau to wait and see Liang Qijing, and waited for a while before finally calling her.
Chapter 3
She said in a hurry that "the horse will be here soon"
Soon I saw that she was coming out of the station.
Yu surprised "how do you …"

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