With that, delicate and graceful hit me hard when he walked past me. I was unstable and I was not used to wearing this flowerpot, so I fell to the ground.

Looking at Nian Shi’s back, I just sighed. I asked her to go. I asked for all this myself
The fifth chapter infatuation []
Is hair suddenly feel eyes cast a shadow consciousness looked up and saw the 14th May.
I wanted to rub my eyes to see if I had fantasies, but I was afraid that if I rubbed them, he would disappear, so I just stared at him.
His lonely eyes added a sense of distress. He stretched out his hand and pulled me up from the ground and said, "Why are you so wronged?"
I didn’t answer him, but smiled at him. "Why are you here?"
"Today, I came with my brother to congratulate the fourth brother … they are chatting in the room now, and I guess this stroll might be able to …" He paused and stopped talking.
My eyelids drooped slightly and I didn’t speak.
I don’t know that I always have a sense of familiarity with Yin Gui, as if they have known each other for a long time, and when I see him for a long time, I will feel at ease for no reason.
Suddenly he took my hand and said, "Jin, I’ll take you somewhere!" "
I am very eager to go with him at once, but I have to hesitate to ask "Can I … go out?"
His clear eyes immediately darkened and his eyes were deep and painful. "I also forgot that you are the fourth brother for a while …"
Looking at his disappointment, his heart was violently pulled and he seemed to suffocate.
"I … go Jin son you should take good care of yourself"
He turned and was about to leave me. He grabbed his sleeve and looked at me stupefied.
I am busy. "Don’t go, I … I’ll go with you!"
Yin Gui smiled a little after hearing what I said, and his face spread.
He clenched my hand and strode towards the door of the palace.
I trotted along with him and felt the temperature of his palm.
Just once, make me crazy. This time, I silently said to myself.
Jin Er, I seem to be a little confused. Why do you love him?
Out of the palace, a little eunuch led a burly horse, and he jumped over and reached out to me.
I looked at the horse and took a few steps back, shaking his head as he stepped back.
He smiled at me naively and ticked his finger at me as a sign for me to walk over.
I turned to him, swallowed my saliva and asked carefully, "Can we … don’t ride horses?"
He smiled and leaned over me. He had something to tell me, so he put his head together.
Unexpectedly, he smiled cunningly, holding my hand with one hand and grabbing my waist with the other, and put me in front of him.
I was in shock. He had circled me, grabbed the reins and shouted, "Drive!"
Before I could react, the horse ran away and scared me to close my eyes and lean back.
After a while, I gradually felt that my body was not so stiff, and the wind’s ear was "whirring", but I couldn’t resist my curiosity. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around at the rapidly retreating scenery, and I couldn’t help but get excited and look around.
At this moment, Yin Gui seemed to chuckle behind him, but he didn’t really hear it. I was wondering and I heard him say "Here we are."
The horse finally stopped.
I looked around and found that it was a peach tree forest surrounded by green hills and streams. Looking around, it was full of purples, delicious herbs and colorful flowers. be in heaven blurted out "Peach Blossom Garden!"
Yin Gui held my horse and tied it, so he turned around and took my hand for a walk in Taolin Path.
As he walked quietly, I suddenly thought of two words, and I sang them out, "Life and death are rich and mature, holding hands and growing old together."
Suddenly I felt his grip on my hand tightened again. I looked up at him and found that he was staring at me, too. His eyes were surprisingly clear.
I smiled at him softly and held his hand instead.
He held me tightly in his arms.

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