To tell the truth, Cen Zhen never thought that the dark feather clan would be afraid of death. One thousand years ago, it was like a dark moon in Kyushu and Tian Yue. At the same time, the two families of silver feather and dark feather were in parallel, but on behalf of the orthodox silver feather clan, they finally came after the dark feather clan, which represents the disaster. Today, the two sides have fought for thousands of times, but the dark feather clan has never given up their resistance. Cen Shi can’t understand why the dark feather clan’s silent feather is so afraid of death.

Cen smiled and stopped thinking about such a brain injury. It was inappropriate to think about it at this time, so she changed the topic, "Do you think sweet potatoes will avenge me?"
When she saw that there was hope in Mo Yu’s eyes, the light sank slightly and yn heard this little nv word, but she felt that this sentence was unfounded.
"I’ll wait for him!"
Cen speechless is quite strange that this little nv mind has someone to help her speak "such as the martial arts kid who was sealed by me? Even if he comes, there is nothing he can do. "
Jun Ye continued to walk, and his eyes fell on his face with a smile, which made him feel annoyed a lot.
"Don’t go and go to hell!"
Suddenly, a word rang, which made Junye even more fidgety and fluttering. dngdng was like an octopus whose tentacles were twisted around and he couldn’t identify the source of the sound. He couldn’t identify the age of the person who couldn’t leave. This person ng didn’t look around and didn’t see others, but he saw the day. S strangely changed a moment ago, but it was still a bit like a dark cloud. At this time, the hospital was all over Fiona Fang for dozens of feet, which was not as black as the thick ink produced when the feather family attacked, nor as the feather family attacked. When attacking, it was so sudden, violent, dark, so soft and so weak, as if dark clouds were falling from the sky and thinning slowly, which made Junye feel horrible. Except for this middle court, there was still sunshine elsewhere, and every day, S was divided into two levels, which was very strange, and the sound hung around the middle court like a veil, adding an indescribable bleak atmosphere.
It’s not the secret method of the stars. Jun Ye looks at the sky, but he doesn’t feel the signs of the secret method B moving in the air. He thinks that the thin darkness is more like a fighter giving off strength and being able to control his body strength. I’m afraid it’s time to reach the level of "Xiang Warrior", let alone the disabled state now. Even if he maintains his full state, he will never be able to receive an "Xiang Warrior" to attack your ambition once, so he is even more anxious and anxious to find out the source of this sound.
"Why don’t you look back? Can you always find your goal by looking forward? "
Cold sweat dripping with ice and cold gas washed the blood back and forth along the back. Jun Ye was stiff and his body could not move. His right hand was gathering for years, and the frost was gradually dissipating. If the man attacked, I would have died several times. I thought of this and Jun Ye was even more afraid to move, for fear that a movement would lead to the attack of the man behind him.
"What people always refuse to look back? Is the front really as beautiful as imagined? "
Jun Ye is hidden in this sound. I can’t say for sure that yuhu always encourages him to turn around, which makes Jun Ye hesitate even more. Turning around or not is a dilemma for him. He is 62 years old. He has been in control of other people’s life and death since he was practicing the secret method. He watched others’ pain turn around. When others’ suffering became his happiness, it gradually became a habit. Now he feels that he was tortured and suffering was so miserable that he could not find anything to rely on. The flying pigeon has already gone far away. He is very aware of this fact. He finally turned around several times slowly.
However, he still couldn’t see clearly. Because the ruins opposite him were like the hall, there was a humanoid black fog staying on the steps, and his eyes widened with horror.
"Shura’s spirit" was whispered by the old man, and then he roared, "You are the devil!"
"oh? Do you know me? " The sound in the black fog was surprised.
Junye wiped his face with sweat and hissed, "Is there anyone else besides Tianshan Devil who can turn Qi into hng human form?"
"It’s not in vain. I finally have some knowledge, so I won’t kill you, even though you have sinned against my Tianshan people."
"You" Jun Ye’s eyes got bigger, and his body trembled uncontrollably with great joy. Suddenly, his brain nerve was shocked to a crawl, and he was as thin as ji’s paw, pointing at the humanoid black fog and shaking, and he couldn’t even say a complete sentence. The sharp contrast from birth to death and from death to life made this secret Taoist who had studied the secret method of the stars unable to support himself. In the end, he sat down in the ground and was still the word "you"
"Sixty-one armor, sixty-one reincarnation, you can’t break life and death at your age?" The voice sneered and suddenly became sharp. "Do you want me to change my mind?"
In this sentence, I heard Sen Leng struggling in panic, rolling and crawling towards the backyard, seriously injured and breathing. Seven guards glared at his back and issued a curse of hatred. In the end, when Jun Ye, a secret Taoist, said the word "Tianshan Devil", he was already scared to death.
Humanoid black fog walked the steps without paying attention to the seven dying guards, went straight to Cen and Mo Yu’s side, and then stood still, seemingly pondering the two little nv mess.
"Who are you?" Mo Yu looked straight at the human figure in the black fog and wanted to see through the people in the black fog. She was born in the Tianshan demon king’s family, and naturally knew that the demon king had fallen into a person’s behavior. She knew that if he fell into a person, it would never be abandoned by the gentleman.
"I am the devil."
"uncle shura ghost gas is not black s! It’s purplish red s! "
Less nv eyes sh out of indignation is still bright but also sharp.
"But I am also the devil."
The black fog suddenly scattered and the ethereal and uncertain sound returned to a bunch of intermediate people’s courts, and it was clear again. People saw a blue shirt and dirty lun boy standing with a smile and his hair was strangely tied with a purple S hair band, but the boy was feathered.
"honey, I’m coming."
The charm sounded at the right time and was full of joy. Silent feather fell to the ground loosely and smiled.
I have been observing the situation. Cen’s face is red with anger, even though her face is already red enough with blood. "Pretend to be a big head ghost. Do you want to wait for us to collect the body?"
Feather bypassed the two men, and they squatted and smiled and asked, "I’ll save you. Isn’t it welcome?" I performed well? The monster is a little help. "
"I really have the face to say" the charm replied to a nai.
Mo Yu didn’t say anything, barely propped herself up, sat cross-legged and swallowed her homework. She didn’t want lng treatment, so she needed to restore her mobility as soon as possible.
Cen is still lying lazily holding out his hand to hold the feathered nose and "do it quickly"
Feather a stare blankly watching her dramatic ups and downs before the mountains can’t help but swallow saliva weakly asked "what hand? Want me to pick you up? This male nv shoushoushoubuqin "

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