There is a broken piano coming slowly from the warm wind, and the broken syllables are not melodic, which is more like casually fiddling and carelessly leaving a place in Yiding.

A little heavy from Yun Qing, she looked up.
Fang saw a seductive woman sitting beside a piano surrounded by a group of people.
A rouge robe, a fiddle, light and shadow, and flowing sleeves are also different in color.
And everyone around her who is familiar with her is gorgeous and moving.
Zhu Cui pressed her temples to each other and almost no hair was seen.
From Yun Qing, staring at the young woman, I can’t wait to kill the man in front of me immediately, only to find that the man’s sight has already fallen on her body, and the narrow cheng narrowed slightly to reveal the cold light.
"If you look at it, you can kill her with your eyes." Bai Liyi joked.
From Yun Qing’s interest, he converged his sight and paced directly to the low table. He happened to sit beside Helan Xun, and on the other side of Helan Xun sat unsmiling, emphasizing Li Zhong and Sir Zhong.
As soon as Yunqing Helan Xun sat down, he asked him, "That heavy master in your family has been staring at me since he came in?"
Then grinned and glanced at Chongli, only to see that his sight had not been taken back.
Hao Hao does not shy away from meeting her eyes.
Helan Xun Qingjuan’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and he is "curious."
Said this coldly see a heavy chapter 438 438 amazing news ()
Received a warning from Helan Xun that the sight was heavy, and Li just looked back and stared at the blood jade cup in front of him, which contained wine.
He really doesn’t understand what the four imperial concubines can make the young master believe.
Bailiyi pulled away from Yun Qing and whispered, "What are you doing so close when you talk?" There are so many people, you really do whatever you want. "
From say that clear to see his eyes a change if tunnel "a straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe also afraid of their nonsense? Temple or pay more attention to the predecessors! "
Say the line of sight fell to sit quietly thyme taken on the other side for the month.
The line of sight is a little longer, and I see the poem by sitting on the moon.
Smile from Yun Qing’s narrowed eyes.
From the poem one leng immediately embarrassed nodded his finger restless tugging at the sleeve.
Baili Yi stared at the humanity in front of him. "You … I am really taking you."
Listening to the shallow sound coming from her ears made her heart tremble.
Li Yun-ching smiled and said, "Same to you."
Speak, hold up the glass in front of you, gently sip it, and never leave the person sitting on the piano.
As soon as Yun Wan came in, she saw that Li Shiyan immediately dragged her skirt away. "What is the imperial concubine nervous about?"
I was shocked by the poem and immediately looked up and saw Yun Wan sitting gracefully beside her. She disdained to smile. "I think you should let you taste the pain in the future."
Now, she just fell out of favor with the imperial concubine, and was assassinated by Yun Qing. Now, even her parents don’t like it.
There is nothing to lose.
Cloud wan yan mouth and smile weird "is it? I am also looking forward to it. "
From the poem didn’t come to understand the meaning of her words rang a.
"The empress dowager has arrived-!"
"The empress has arrived-!"
When the noisy seats heard this shout, they silenced one by one and bowed down humbly.
However, seeing the queen mother wearing a complicated pattern for nine days, Chao Feng wore a purple dress and a skirt, and Bailixian helped her to the low table and sat down.
After waiting to sit tight, I motioned for everyone to get up.
And thyme xian sat on the right side, even purple sat on the left side, surrounded by seductive Cao Luoshui.
The queen mother immediately fell into the middle of the line of sight.
At first glance, I can’t help secretly sighing.
It’s a shame that such a handsome man should be the leader of the bloodthirsty clan.
The Queen Mother smiled and looked at Helan Xundao. "I’ve heard so much about the name of Helan Shaozhu. Today, I’m really glad to see the mourning family. If it weren’t for your brave soldiers, the border has been violated repeatedly in recent years, even the people would not be born."
The chill in Helan Xun’s eyes did not fade, but he promised, "Of course, I want to be a minister with all my heart, and I want to be a minister. Of course, it is fortunate for me to win the battle after another."
"Take a good job in Helan. The Lord is not fame and mourning for his family." The queen mother smiled with satisfaction.
Look around from Yun Qing Helan Xun saw that his face was cold and cheerless, but it seemed that he was shrouded in a net. Although he gave people a feeling that he was not easy to get close to people, he knew how to adapt to the situation. Others and family members were completely out of place. Chapter 439 Amazing news (3)
"I heard that the climate of Helan Shaozhu is warmer than that of Nightingale City. I wonder if you have any discomfort?" Even purple heart to eyebrow Angle eyes tip is full of ying ying smile.
Helan Xun whispered, "The Queen has been much better physically and mentally."
"Can Master Helan marry?" The queen mother took a sip of wine and smiled at Helan Xun.
Helan Xun replied indifferently, "Now there is no such idea."
"This line Helan young master is not young, and it’s time to get married. If you don’t like it, you might as well mourn for your family and bring you a marriage …" The queen mother asked again that the line of sight fell to Bailixian. "The princess should find a good family at marriageable age, and it would be a good thing if she could get married."

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