"This is a good mother to try."

After breakfast, I heard Zhu Yinzhen Shen Menglu’s cloth, food, sound, water and magic city coldly looking at Zhu Yinzhen Shen Menglu and courting him without saying a word.
When I was half full, it was reflected that summer was coming. "The Lord of the Valley has come."
Lord? ! Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu look at each other and the monster appears!
Don’t worry, Zhu Yinzhen holds Shen Menglu’s hand.
Shen Menglu evoked a gentle smile at Zhu Yinzhen, so let’s play blame together!
"Oh, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t continue this breakfast." Water City will see Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu interacting with each other, secretly, and they have the courage to praise them. I hope they can continue to calm down when they come.
"Master Shuigu is not embarrassed, my mother is full." Zhu Yinzhen looked at Water Fantasy City with an expression. "Master Shuigu please!"
"Please!" Water Fantasy City got up and was about to go outside when a gentle and familiar voice came from the door. "The emperor and empress are full, but they haven’t had breakfast yet!"
A Jing Yu made Shen Menglu’s beautiful eyes suddenly widen. She looked at Zhu Yinzhen in disbelief, fearing that she had misheard Jing Yu. Is Jing Yu Jing Yu?
Zhu Yinzhen’s face is also very ugly. Hearing the sound of Jing Yu here is also greatly beyond Zhu Yinzhen’s expectation. He and Shen Menglu have made several assumptions and doubted several people, but no one has dreamed of Zhu Jingyu, an elderly woman and a girl in bud. Who can pull them together?
"I have seen the Lord!" Just Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu looked at each other for a moment, and the water city had walked to the door and knelt respectfully at the bearer.
"yeah!" Look disdainful Zhu Jingyu light should be a gu since across the kneeling water city boldly sat down in the theme and turned to the door and shouted "father and mother princess not hungry? Do you want some breakfast? "
Zhu Jingyu’s voice just fell and she looked guilty. Her eyes dodged Zhu Yinyou and her face was cold and easy, and she also appeared in front of everyone.
"Three … elder brother …" Shen Menglu was shocked to see Zhu Yinxu and Princess Yi coming in hand in hand.
"Seen the emperor seen the empress ….." Zhu Yin cried out with a look of guilt almost overflowing.
"Escape report escape princess what a coincidence" Zhu Yinzhen insincerely should be a cold look.
Zhu Yinwan’s embarrassed expression became more and more embarrassed. He lowered his eyes anxiously and hardly had the courage to see Zhu Yinzhen. Instead, he escaped from the princess but calmly pulled up Zhu Yinwan’s chair with a smile.
"Your majesty, please eat!" Princess Yi reached out for Zhu Yin’s cloth and served Zhu Jingyu a bowl of soup. "Jingyu, this is your favorite red and white jade soup."
"Thank you, Mother Princess!" Zhu Jingyu took princess Chong Yi with both hands and showed a sweet smile, which should be a happy little girl who bathed in maternal love.
Look at such a sweet and lovely Zhu Jingyu, who would have thought that she was a wrinkled old woman who was nearly a hundred years old?
Shen Menglu stared at the seemingly happy and harmonious family in front of her eyes. Although the facts were in front of her, she still couldn’t believe that Zhu Jingyu was a dream!
Judging from Princess Yi’s calm response, she is not surprised at Zhu Jingyu’s status as the Lord. On the other hand, Zhu Yinxu’s face is ashamed, but it seems that he is the one who knows best.
Zhu Yinzhen’s heart vibrates as much as Shen Menglu’s, but his face remains calm. "Jing Yu, you are running around like this. If your grandmother can’t find you, you will worry about 54 from the explanation.
Zhu Jingyu, who was drinking soup, looked up at Zhu Yinzhen with a sweet smile when she heard that she had let go of the bowl. "The fourth uncle and grandmother are busy looking around for Jing Yun’s younger brother at the moment. How can they miss me!"
Empress Ji is busy looking for Zhu Jingyan? Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen’s heart sank heavily.
"What did you do to my son in Shui Yi Meng?" Shen Menglu’s mood is a little out of control. Hearing Zhu Jingyan’s name, Shen Menglu can no longer calm down. The whole person is trembling. Her daughter is finally out of danger. If something happens to her son again, Shen Menglu will really go crazy.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes grew darker and darker. He put his arm around Shen Menglu’s shoulder and wanted to give her a little strength to detect Shen Menglu’s trembling. Zhu Yinzhen’s heart crossed a sharp pain. His mother has suffered too much.
"Before Jing Yu left the palace, you promised that you would take good care of your brother for me. Why did you lose your brother?" Zhu Yinzhen choked back her heart, storm and anger and suppressed her voice.
Zhu Jingyu couldn’t help laughing when she heard it. It was as touching as a bell, but it gave people goose bumps. What she said was even more creepy.
"Uncle, you are so heavy on Jing Yu Committee that Jing Yu is really surprised by *! But what should we do? Jing Yu lost her brother so carelessly. Grandmother Huang can be angry. There is no way to punish Jing Yu and Jing Yu and escape! " Zhu Jingyu is a naive little girl with bright and moving eyes and a face of koo expression.
Zhu Yinzhen closed his eyes vigorously and hung his fist on his side. "What did you do to Jing Yun?" Zhu Yinzhen’s cold voice is like the evil wind blowing from hell.
"Uncle, don’t worry that Jing Yun’s younger brother will be fine. I’m not going to do it at all!" Zhu Jingyu is still smiling and smiling. She calmly handed the bowl at hand to Princess Yi to coquetry until "Mother Princess Jingyu still wants to eat"
"good! Mother princess will give you a bowl of "escape princess lovingly looked at Zhu Jingyu stretched out his hand and took her bowl of soup.
Seeing this scene, Shen Menglu couldn’t help it anymore. She put Zhu Runyue in her hand into Zhu Yinzhen’s arms and flew to Yi Wang Feiyue to knock off the spoon in her hand. She pointed angrily at Zhu Jingyu and scolded, "Yi Wang, please wake up. She is a dream, not Zhu Jingyu, not your daughter!"
Escape princess was a quiver and her face was as white as paper. She cast a glance at her feet and scattered soup and broke into pieces. Then she raised her eyes and stared at Shen Menglu in a panic. "You … you …"
"Oh, I hate that the soup is gone." Zhu Jingyu pursed her mouth and complained discontentedly that she didn’t seem to put Shen Menglu’s impulse in the eye.
Zhu Jingyu’s soft and waxy voice sounded. Princess Yi was first stunned, and then her original flustered eyes were numb. "I spilled it for you later."
Shen Menglu’s eyes flashed and her anger burned more and more vigorously. She suddenly approached Zhu Jingyu and asked coldly, "You’d better pray that my son will return to the palace unscathed or I will kill you myself!"

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