Zhu Yinzhen is used to forbearing, to bearing silently, to carrying burdens and to loving others in his own way, but his natural way of loving others will lead to a lose-lose situation, which will make the pain of truly loving others hurt himself.

At the moment, Zhu Yinzhen has been surrounded by layers of deep guilt and remorse. Looking at Queen Ji and Jingxuan, Zhu Yinzhen’s heart is as painful as being cut to pieces. He clenched his fist and couldn’t help but smash it to the ground.
The dull impact sounded and Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Yinzhen’s deep pit on the ground and Zhu Yinzhen’s bloody right hand was shocking.
Shen Menglu’s heart suddenly hurts! Has Zhu Yinzhen reached the point where she can hurt herself to vent her remorse?
How cruel is this man who doesn’t know how to love himself? When will you abuse yourself?
Anger arises spontaneously! How deep the heartache is, how heavy the hatred is! Shen Menglu finally can’t stand the question of Zhu Yinzhen’s queen mother. Will Shen Menglu intervene? But now Shen Menglu finally can’t continue to be silent.
"Mother can’t blame the sovereign for all this. The person who should really be angry with the mother should be the father!" Shen Menglu looked away from Zhu Yinzhen’s injured hand, suppressing anger and cold voice.
Shen Menglu’s clear voice interrupted Queen Ji’s crying. Queen Ji looked up at Shen Menglu with a cold face. "Mu Fei, what did you say?" Queen Ji couldn’t believe her ears, even if she heard wrong. Did Shen Menglu just arrive in Dezong?
"Dream you … you don’t talk nonsense!" Zhu Yinzhen was a little flustered when he heard Shen Menglu’s words. Shen Menglu didn’t want to tell Queen Ji all the secrets he and Dezong had hidden for many years!
"Mother’s male and female servants said that the mother should be angry with her father, not Yin Zhen." Shen Menglu ignored Zhu Yin Zhen’s enunciation again and clearly.
Empress Ji heard what Shen Menglu said clearly this time, but she couldn’t understand her meaning for a moment. "What does Mu Fei mean?"
"Dream is enough! Don’t say any more! " Zhu Yinzhen quickly blocked Shen Menglu and Empress Ji from the ground and explained anxiously that "everything is wrong with the mother."
"Yin Zhen, how long will you be foolish and filial?" Shen Menglu stretched out his hand and held Zhu Yinzhen’s hand to ask questions with heartache.
The warmth of Shen Menglu’s palm and the love in his eyes made Zhu Yinzhen feel overwhelmed. "Dream of me …"
"Zhu Yinzhen, don’t let me down too much, okay?" Zhu Yinzhen, would you please love yourself more? Don’t let yourself suffer any more, okay?
The hurt in Shen Menglu’s eyes made Zhu Yinzhen feel very distressed.
"Dream …" Don’t say it, okay? Zhu Yinzhen called out a word in a dumb voice, begging him not to show his greatness or to cover up for Dezong, but that he didn’t want to hurt Queen Ji and Jingxuan because of Ji Wenhua’s fault. He has never been a good son or a good father. Now he can do everything he can to avoid the injury of Queen Ji and Jingxuan as much as possible.
Shen Menglu eyes a dark back his hand Zhu Yinzhen always so little letter to her.
"Let!" There is no love left in Shen Menglu’s voice again, and she is deeply indifferent.
"Dream …" Zhu Yinzhen’s heart was inexplicably smoked, and some methods were used to understand Shen Menglu’s sudden anger.
"Old four, let MuFei say!" Queen Ji has dried the tears and returned to her usual solemn "Mufei, please speak carefully and listen to the palace"
Shen Menglu glanced at Zhu Yinzhen sideways, bypassed him and walked to the front of Queen Ji. "It is wrong for the queen mother to hide her mother’s ignorance of confession, but as Jingxuan said, the queen mother should really blame her, but it should be her father."
A cordial Yin Zhen alienated the sovereign Zhu Yinzhen’s heart and once again fell into the abyss, surrounded by cold meaning. Zhu Yinzhen was self-effacing to stop being the queen of Ji, and he tried to comfort herself.
"There are some things report don’t speak because my father has ordered can’t speak! There are some things that the sovereign does not pursue because of the overall situation! And there are some things report to do is got the father’s order to take into account the overall situation and do it "Shen Menglu looked at Queen Ji calmly and stated calmly.
Queen Ji’s eyes are tight. "Mufei said it concretely." Shen Menglu’s three sentences all point to Queen Dezong Ji’s conscious pinching of the handkerchief.
"Mother please pardon male and female servants can’t say specific male and female servants can do more than that! There are some things that the sovereign dare not say, let alone male and female servants! Male and female servants can tell the mother mother that you want to know everything. Father knows that "Zhu Yinzhen’s biggest concealment is that Ji Wenhua has Shen Menglu in front of Jingxuan. Naturally, she won’t pull Ji Wenhua’s bad. She won’t be cruel enough to expose a dead man and destroy Ji Wenhua’s image in Jingxuan’s heart.
Shen Menglu now knows that Zhu Yinzhen’s dishonesty to her stems from Dezong’s dishonesty to Queen Ji. Although Shen Menglu is angry that Dezong has turned Zhu Yinzhen into such a person with great love, he doesn’t know how to love, but he is not stupid enough to go to her mother-in-law and tell her father-in-law that her husbands should discipline themselves! Dezong will leave it to Queen Ji to clean up!
Queen Ji took a sharp look at Zhu Yinzhen. Zhu Yinzhen avoided her eyes. Her eyes grew darker and darker. She turned to look at Shen Menglu and knew that she didn’t want to get a curtain from Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu today.
"Palace know! Everything in this palace will be carefully understood. "Queen Ji will no longer force Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu." Men have all kinds of concerns about Mufei Jingxuan’s poisoning, but they can’t get justice from Jingxuan. This grandmother can’t watch her grandchildren suffer. The palace will definitely pursue this matter. I hope you can help the palace. "
"It’s the mother!" Shen Menglu evoked a smile at the corner of his lips. "The place where the mother has a concubine is commanded, though." With the strong intervention of Queen Ji, the Wei family can no longer get away with it! I’m afraid even Zhu Yiting and Zhu Yinzhe can’t do whatever they want so arrogantly!
Queen Ji nodded. "Mufei, if you encounter any problems in housekeeping in the future, you can come to the palace and make decisions for you. It’s always difficult for you to take care of all the Muwangfu houses by yourself soon!"
Shen Menglu took a conscious look at Zhu Yinzhen. It won’t be too long when she stays at Muwangfu. But … Queen Ji told Shen Menglu that when dealing with those who disturb the stability of Muwangfu, they must look back and worry, including Weixinyan and others.
"It’s the male and female servants who know. Thank you, Mother!" Shen Menglu didn’t refuse Queen Ji’s kindness. Wen promised Wei Xinyan that Shen Menglu never wanted to be soft-hearted. Shen Menglu sneered.
After seeing Queen Ji off, Zhu Yinzhen took hold of Shen Menglu.

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