Mountain men finally fantasize.

When he was young, he practiced Xuan Yin Qi and became a crazy murderous demon king. He did not hesitate to resolutely choose to bear it himself, because he is the only blood of Wei Boyi and the Wei family. He must be as strong as iron, even if he inherits the whole world, he can’t frown, and he can’t have the slightest illusion that he can walk step by step on his own.
Now, looking at those bodies that are slowly flourishing, he finally regrets what he wants to practice Xuan Yin Qi.
Perhaps Xuanyuanhuang’s composition is not large.
The main reason is his mother.
He wanted to be afraid of the strength in front of the man in purple, and then questioned his mother that she would be so cruel to abandon her husband and kill her relatives.
Although the final result satisfied him, the woman who despised him was not his mother.
But at this moment, in the face of being buried by himself, he couldn’t help but regret being weak and pinning his hopes on his once brothers.
It seems that if you get along with Yanglingtian, there will be no things you can’t do. What’s more, it’s a sword or a mysterious enemy.
Although there are some elements of self-consolation, after all, the possibility of this inference is still very high
However, the thought in my heart rises, and at the same time, the determined face of the moonlight suddenly becomes white.
"You can safely go to revenge! ! !”
When the altar woke up that day, Yanglingtian had disappeared, but Mu Yiqiao’s words had already shown the result-his best brother was no longer.
Now all this has been reversed by law
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"
Cang Ran Long Yin cut through the corner of the black youth’s eye in the silent night, and two blood and tears oozed out.
That’s remorse
Regret that my brothers died in life and death, but my own hands are not willing to die after I became a god, and my accomplices are not willing to be teased by fate.
In the end, he wants to ask his dead father and relatives about that woman.
The law of the invariance of heaven and earth alternating day and night
Two stunning beauties, a young man in black who is as cold as iron, a "cute" and fat figure, and a "large squirrel" are like statues that will never change.
Compared with the calm here, the whole Dayan Holy Land has undergone tremendous changes.
The whole earth seemed to be frightened, shaking twice at intervals, and a huge crack came into being. The golden sun, which was like fire, had a somewhat cold breath. At night, the original cool water turned into a rare red.
In addition, not long ago, the peak where Xuanyuanhuang lived, the ruler and king, collapsed.
All these seem to indicate that a disaster that can sweep the whole mankind is coming.
Fear that people will rush out of their homes to take out their best food and wine and bow down and pray to the dark gray sky.
Pray for forgiveness from heaven and salvation from the gods.
However, while praying, nothing changed at all.
The earth is still shaking, cracks are still born, and the sun is getting colder.
The green earth also gave birth to a small black hole at the bottom, which sent out a strange vortex to involve the earth creatures in the hole and then make it empty.
And the blood of these devoured people also merged into a series of Wan Li-length blood rivers criss-crossing to form a magnificent and rare picture.
According to the speed at which the bottom cave is born, it seems that in the near future, the whole Dayan Holy Land will be covered with such caves, and all creatures will be swallowed up by them.
Not only the Great Yan Holy Land, but also the secular land, the mainland can also be involved in it.
The country is in a state of panic, and the national army has long since dispersed. Those soldiers, like ordinary people, have fled in search of a paradise where they can accept themselves
Even for a long time to find is desperate. Many people are decadent, falling, burning, killing, plundering and seeking to lead a drunken life in the end.
The fire gave birth to despair from a house, and crazy cries filled the world.
However, there is still a place in this world that seems to be relatively quiet.
The forbidden forest, the place where the ancestor god founded, was also blessed by the ancestor god, and the sky fell and the earth broke, as if it were the only pure land in the world.
But the people who live here are not very calm.
In the middle of the forest stands a magnificent hall, which is a little crowded with more than 200 people.
More than 200 people from Chengtian, Yanluo and overseas Jiuzu stopped practicing and gathered in the temple.
It is not that they have been satisfied with their own practice, but because of another person.
At the moment, the man is being surrounded by them-the first to know that Mu Yiqiao is still setting snow, and Sun Ning smokes.
"Miss Sun, did they say when they would come back?"
"Yeah, why don’t you ask?"
"And why didn’t you inform us at that time? Maybe they went out to find what the resurrected master needed so that we could help."
"Yes, they won’t go to the Babel by themselves. It’s too dangerous. Once they are damaged, the owner won’t."

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