May 4th glance at one another, one person and one bird running to Lingquan …

Liu Yushu was very anxious when he arrived at the most critical head of Tsukiji. His every flesh and blood sighed with bad luck. Liu’s generation was born to be good at royal animals. When he went out, he discovered that Taihua Song Qirun raised golden eggs, and he could feel that the eggs were unusual. He deliberately approached some extreme measure and finally succeeded in getting this spiritual egg.
Since he got it, he has been together day and night. At the beginning of this world, many creatures and beasts have a cub complex. At first sight, they are closest to whoever they see, especially on the day of birth. When they take the first sip of blood, they will automatically recognize who owns it. It is a natural contract. Unless the owner dies first, they can find a master, but when they grow up slightly, the spirit beast does not have this constraint. If the natural contract is superimposed with the blood contract, then the owner, the necromancer, can’t live alone.
He kept his mind on this place because he became the first person and formed a blood contract for the first time, so even if Taihuazong came back later, he couldn’t stand it.
It’s a pity that he neglected his own practice and practice successfully, but he didn’t realize that he built his own foundation after practicing for a period of time. Fortunately, the family had already prepared the foundation Dan, so it would be a beautiful thing for Lingdan to have a stronger master after he successfully built the foundation.
Who would have thought that happiness would lead to sorrow, and that the clause at this crucial point would be sneaked into!
When the other hospital was attacked, he knew that the enemy was attacking. He didn’t make a move. One reason was that Tsukiji had reached the later stage, and the other reason was that he was very confident in the array of the other hospital.
Until the five-line array was broken and someone entered the hospital, he knew that the situation was in danger. At this time, he reached the most critical moment to build the foundation. No matter what, he couldn’t move at all and could secretly pray that people would not find it here for a while. Where did he think that this person would come all the way straight?
Liu Yushu looked tenderly at the drowning woman in Tsing Yi, with a faint pleading in her eyes.
Lin Qing looked straight into the past and sighed, "What a pair of tender eyes! How many volts are there here? How many kilograms of autumn spinach do you have here? "
Liu Yushu posed as the most romantic and natural expression, but her heart was dark and anxious.
Give me a little more. I hope she covets treasures such as Lingquan first. After all, when she can go to this hospital, she is only a pillar of incense. She has little time …
Give me a little more and I’ll be able to build a foundation. Then I’ll definitely kill this diver …
Liu Yushu silently in his heart.
Okay, she’s coming in my direction, but her eyes are fixed on the egg …
Okay, she bypassed me …
She didn’t want to bother me …
"Bang" is a close call in a second. Liu Yushu feels a dull pain in his brain like a hammer.
Liu Yushu has always been conceited and handsome. I can’t believe that his eyes still have the heart to shoot him. Suddenly he was angry!
At the key moment, my mind was lost and I was hit hard. Liu Yushu’s blood was so unwilling that she fainted with confidence.
Lin Qing clapped his hands neatly. "How can I rest assured that when I steal, there will be a foundation behind me?"
Chapter 169 Fortunately, catch
"Why don’t you give this little to do? See him grow well? " May 4th is quite stuffy. It sounds dangerous.
Lin Qing inclined his one eye. "It’s Song Qi who has a grudge with this person. I’ll give it to her naturally."
With a snap of her finger, she took out the special bag "work to get the treasure eggs!" "
Say that finish, lean close to Lingquan and let out a spiritual force to pull the golden eggs into the bag.
In the May Fourth Movement, I disdained to say, "Cut me or something. It turned out that it was mixed with a little blood of that family. No wonder the induction was so weak."
Golden eggs fly slowly like a good boy.
"What the hell is the May 4th egg?" Lin Qing asked
May 4th Movement held his head high, dressed in "He is a bargain" and disliked "It’s just a hybrid of several generations of gadgets"
When you have to take Joe again, it’s urgent to wait until you get out and try it slowly!
Baba watched the spirit egg fly into the spirit bag by mistake. Lin Qing felt that the trip was too short when the merits were perfect. She took out a gourd and filled a pot of spirit spring. She was about to leave. Her beads suddenly turned and burst into purple gas in less than a breath.
Isn’t this purple gas absorbed by Zhu Xian Linglan after it was in the blue and turbid land?
Give it back to her at this time? Lin Qing was deceived.
This reflex arc is too long
But the fact is beyond her expectation that the purple gas haunts her body, and even the snow is so deep that the blue gas of the epiphyllum rushes straight to her body.
This is purple and blue. Aren’t you tired of working? The key is snow and mist. That’s not true!
Lin Qing was so anxious that he was sweating. Whatever it is, don’t be a demon at this time! As all the ice blue gas is sucked away by Lin Qing, the whole snow dies instantly.
The blue and purple gas in the abdomen are intertwined, and it is attributed to the calm of the beads. Lin Qing just relaxed and the beads turned wildly. The speed turned out to be dozens of times that of the front, suddenly forming a great suction.
"ah! What is this going to do? " Time waits for no one. Lin Qing is going crazy!
Then her whole person flew and banged into the abdomen of Lingquan and clung to the spring. Suddenly, Lin Qingjue felt extremely painful, like she was about to leave her body. Finally, she flew out of the small hole with gurgling water and was involved in Lin Qingti.
As soon as Lingjing entered the abdomen, it was amazing that the aura poured in like a tidal wave. Lin Qing could hardly bear it until Lingjing entered the pearl.
This eats food regardless of the occasion!
Just scolded 1, this seems to have eaten another tonic, bead vibration.
I think she not only stole the golden eggs, but also ruined the fairy grass. Now even the Lingquan has been pried. Maybe for a moment, the beads will be advanced. She will have to be struck by lightning. Lin Qing is so scared that she can’t stay any longer …
Outside Wuxing xiaomenwai
Song Qi and others are waiting anxiously.
The first one to come out was Song Qi, a wooden door man, who asked people to look pale and shook his head. Song Qi’s disappointed face calmed his brother with a slightly stiff smile. "It’s good to be back."
Although it is analyzed that Lin Qing’s road to Lingdan has the greatest hope, what if?
When the rest is less and less, his brother comes out one after another, and it is also bad news except Lin Qing.

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