But he knows very well that even if he eats 10,000 plants of Centennial Lingcao, he may not be able to reach such an amount.

Head-on in the direction of warm current, the golden light is getting stronger and stronger. Finally, before Wang Gan came to a concave place, he saw a tall tripod with half a person, which was placed in the concave place and the warm current flowed out of it.
"It is treasure reality leave an alchemist furnace? That warm current won’t be a drug fragrance overflowing from it, will it? " Wang Gan suddenly perked up his mind. If the guess is bad, then he has just left the Universiade. Just the fragrance of medicine can dispel the horrible corpse gas. It is conceivable how miraculous Dan medicine is inside.
Go to the big tripod near Wang Gan saw this tripod engraved with two characters-
"If there is a tripod, there should be an outer tripod. What is an outer tripod?" Wang Gan thought about it carefully, but I didn’t know what to think. Suddenly, I felt a quiver and showed an incredible expression.
"Day should not this tripod is the whole fairy mountain? With the help of the geomantic omen here and the opening of the channel, the earth spirit vein is drawn to irrigate such a huge amount of heaven and earth aura, which is actually the birth of this furnace elixir? This … this is simply a fairy trick. Is it an elixir? "
Although Wang Gan repaired the seal, he was also very poor, with a strength of less than 100,000 Jin. However, when he planned to hit the tripod cover, he found that he could do it by himself as if the tripod cover was made of some special material, and the weight was terrible.
The feeling that the baby is in front of him but can stare blankly makes Wang Gan extremely depressed.
"Hey? What is that? Look at that Luo Tianmen. He’s not dead! " At this moment, Wang Gan suddenly heard the sound of others and saw a famous ancient tomb-sending brother carrying a coffin and falling fiercely towards himself.
Wang Gan was a cold face and wanted to meet and kill all these people. Suddenly, the idea turned to reveal a sneer, but he fled in the opposite direction and soon disappeared into the darkness.
"That trotter is running!"
"Wait and see what is this baby? Good Danxiang ….. "An ancient tomb brother took a deep breath and looked slightly surprised." What a terrible drug! It was the breath that made me really grow a little! I understand that this is an alchemist’s tripod. There must be a peerless elixir in it, perhaps an elixir! "
Immediately, this group of ancient tomb brothers were attracted by the furnace of Dan medicine, and no one wanted to kill the milli-valued Wang Gan. Their faces around the tripod were greedy and their saliva flowed out.
"Good Shen Dinggai, let’s work together to get an equal share of Dan medicine!"
These ancient tomb brothers are all practicing the perfect state, but they are also trying to shake the tripod cover, so they decided to put the coffin aside and everyone shouted in a circle to lift the tripod cover.
"Oh my god, this turned out to be the Chinese clay pill monarch Dan! If Godsworn Tsukiji can open the Mud Pill Palace, the power of Yuan will increase! If you practice gas, you can also strengthen the Yuan God and do your best! " Seeing the Dan medicine in the furnace, the man’s eyes suddenly lit up and he was very excited.
However, when these ancient tomb brothers finished putting Dan medicine, they didn’t notice a shadow behind them.
Suddenly, the shadow suddenly approached to see Wang Gan coming out of the dark, and it was always setting but not sending a piece to cut the wind. In their ears, the coffin was thrown in the middle and instantly killed the inside.
Wang Ganbai, this man outside is really a fake body. It is their body in the coffin.
All this was as fast as lightning, and six people suffocated the other two without hesitation.
"Fortunately, we didn’t find the right body double to act, otherwise we would have to be killed by this person!" Two people in the heart a terror can’t help but show ferocious face.
However, with these two men, are they Wang Gan’s opponents? Ten-mark series wind clan is almost equivalent to a ten-layer monk who practices gas, which is more than enough to deal with two people who are sealed.
In a short time, Wang Gan will kill them frightened out of my wits and covered in scars.
"How dare you tell us the ancient tomb school? Do you know the ten horrors of Taoism? If you kneel down and beg for mercy, we can ask Sister Jiang to spare you from dying, otherwise the enemy in the whole cultivation world will die! " The ancient tomb brother saw that he couldn’t support it, so he ruthlessly threatened.
"The teacher elder sister jiang? Is that the ugly woman who is afraid to see anyone in the coffin? I will kill this person sooner or later. You should wait for her first. "
"If I wave outside, I can kill you hateful! Go back and find Elder Martial Sister Jiang. This man’s magic is so powerful that a Elder Martial Sister can kill him! " Two people is rational to know that the enemy but Wang Gan was ratting out.
They cast a distressed glance at the jar full of elixir tripod and threw their coffin at him to flee desperately.
Wang Gan fade away a flash to kill to don’t want the two coffins suddenly burst out in front of big resin gas and yellow resin water to stop him.
Although the two escaped from Wang Gan, their faces were not good, and it was worse to give up the treasure and flee than to dig their hearts.
"When Elder Martial Sister Jiang kills you, the two of us will cut you to pieces!" Put a malicious sentence, they run faster than rabbits.
"Hum! It’s a piece of cake to kill these two people. Let go of the need to worry for a while. "Wang Gan Gangfeng dispelled the corpse gas and didn’t catch up." Listen to these ancient tomb brothers, this mud pill can expand the Yuan God’s mud pill palace. I happen to be in the seventh floor of practicing qi, condensing the Yuan God’s breakthrough to the level of true knowledge. This Dan is very good for me. "
Wang Gan borrowed these people’s strength to hit the lid of the tripod and saw that the tripod had 36 pieces of white Dan medicine the size of goose eggs, and the incense was emitted from it.

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