After putting away the energy ball, he has flashed and attacked.

Dai Lin saw several knife lights suddenly hang up Nidhogg’s body, but this time he didn’t let the emperor even break his tiny hair wound.
The other party is divorced from reality for a moment.
Although it seems that it has not completely infiltrated into another dimension, even if it is only a small distance from reality, it is impossible for him to attack from reality
Nidhogg divorced from reality and quickly returned to China, and the distance before and after was less than one second.
When Tianyang figure emerged, he raised his hand and pointed to Tianyang, and illusory ripples immediately appeared around Tianyang figure.
There are folds like a piece of paper.
Tianyang figure suddenly distorted.
However, it was a ghosting image.
On the real day, Erwin Engst Nidhogg moved when he raised his hand.
When the black king’s hand didn’t let the ripples disappear, a rust red suddenly hung on his shoulder.
Nidhogg’s shoulder armor violently vibrates and collapses into a white mark.
Dai Lin’s pupil dilated slightly.
"Maybe …" Seeing this scene, General Frostburg speculated.
Tianyang, who appeared on the left side of Nidhogg, also thought that "it can hurt … that is to say, his attack is at the same time divorced from reality"
"and if he can be divorced from reality and influence it."
"Then it will enter the reality and directly change the attack outside the reality. Isn’t it invincible?"
"In other words, even in this state"
"It can also hurt him."
"Catch him and attack instantly!"
Dai Lin also has the same guess that he may not be as capable and rich as Tianyang.
But his combat experience will never be much less than that of Tianyang.
He also saw that the emperor could attack at the same time and be divorced from reality, so he could catch the other side and fight back instantly.
But he smiled bitterly again.
Knowing is knowing.
But how many people can evade the opponent’s attack like Tianyang and fight back?
Besides, Nidhogg’s attack is fast, powerful and almost without warning.
It is short from the time of shooting to the time when the power appears.
It would be good if someone else could avoid it.
Not to mention catching this moment to fight back.
Look at the white mark on his shoulder armor. Nidhogg’s face has changed slightly. His aura is boiling gently.
Moving Zhongtian Yang immediately felt that his home court was not only heavy, but also more sticky now.
This made him feel like moving in the swamp and falling into a piece of amber.
Yi square
Dai Lin saw the ghosting of the young duke.
Dai Lin suddenly dark call a bad.
This is obviously because the speed of the sun has dropped, so there are so many figures left in the air.
After further suppressing Tianyang,
The dark emperor raised his dark straight sword and let the symbols of the blade shine in dark gold.
This is the first time he attacked with a sword.
He casually drew a sword from a ghosting image in the sun.
That sword outline a dark and deep light with a noble breath.
As soon as this light breaks away from reality, it disappears into the air.
Appear again in front of that light is struggling to resist the sun!
It seems to have been imposed on the hunter’s "must be in" to re-enter the reality and come to Tianyang in an instant.
Tianyang can’t make it move except to resist the horizontal sword.
At the same time, the emperor’s eyes suddenly rippled with deep light.
He is about to apply a fold to Tianyang.
This time being suppressed and being pushed by sword light, Tianyang will find it difficult to avoid this attack.
But at this time,
A mighty sword in the square tore the sky like Bai Hong broke it.
Hit the emperor directly.

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