Sunny Ahn was startled by Shen Menglu’s sudden high drink, and the sachet in his hand should fall to the ground with a crisp fracture.

"ouch!" An Qing exclaimed and hurriedly picked up the sachet and poured it out from the inside. In Yu Pei, a piece engraved with the phoenix Yu Pei broke into two petals. An Qing was so distressed that tears almost fell. "What do you mean, Empress?"
Sunny Ahn glared at Shen Menglu with tearful eyes holding the smashed Yu Pei. This pair of Yu Pei is a relic left by their mother and a treasure of their family. This is for Chu Qing, the eldest sister. However, because the first snow married Ahn Ahn before Chu Qing, she decided to give the Yu Pei the first snow. I didn’t expect Yu Pei to be smashed so easily after more than ten years. How can this not be called sunny Ahn heartache?
It’s already very sad to temporarily change my mind and not let Ahn Sunny attend the first snow wedding banquet. Ahn Sunny also comforted her own people. As a result, Shen Menglu refused to give her a gift. Ahn Sunny is already a little angry. Now even precious Yu Pei is broken because Shen Menglu is not allowed to go. Ahn Sunny can no longer bear it, but she can’t help but have some outbreaks at the moment.
"Empress with what don’t let my daughter to protect Hou Fu? Why not let my daughter go to see her sister? Brother Chu promised that I would not share my first snow queen. Why are you so selfish? " An Qing’s eyes were red, and she yelled at Shen Menglu. The words were angry with Shen Menglu. An Qing’s first snow was different, and her personality was not as gentle as that of the first snow. Secondly, she didn’t have much contact with Shen Menglu, and she didn’t know and believe so much about Shen Menglu. When Shen Menglu stopped her from meeting with the first snow, she was afraid that their identity would be leaked, which was bad for Shen Menglu.
Selfish? Shen Menglu leng leng "sunny Ahn Palace won’t let you go to Anhu Houfu, not to separate you from the first snow, but … but you will never see the first snow again."
Shen Menglu said implicitly that An Qing listened to the fire. "Empress, although women know that their status is low, they can’t cross the high gate of Anhu Waiting House, but the first snow is actually a sister of women. How can you go back on your word like this?"
When the first snow pretended to be the first snow to help Shen Menglu escape, Chu Dai promised not to treat their sisters badly. When Chu Dai An advised An Qing to endure inhuman pain, Yi Dan also promised to do everything possible to reunite their sisters and continue to support each other.
At the beginning, Anzhai Shen Menglu personally promised that she would incarnate Sunny Ahn and Chu Qing to create more opportunities for their sisters to meet. Shen Menglu suddenly changed his attitude? An Qing law understands!
"Calm down, sunny Ahn." Shen Menglu is very resistant. She is not reneging, but has no way to keep her promise.
"Empress bitter can’t calm down! I’m afraid the empress can calm down if the position of the empress is reversed! " An Qing angrily retorted, "Empress, since you refuse to make meeting opportunities between my daughter and my sister, please don’t interfere with my daughter’s own efforts! The empress, daughter-in-law and younger sister respect you as a friend of Chu’s eldest brother, and are convinced that Chu’s vision can ask you not to let your daughter-in-law think that the sacrifice and dedication of your daughter-in-law and younger sister are not worth it! "
Sunny Ahn said this sentence very seriously. When Shen Menglu was hit by 66 puzzles (two more and four thousand! )
"An Qing Palace prevents you from going to Anhu Houfu because you don’t want to make you sad." Shen Menglu defends himself weakly.
"The empress is already very sad. I don’t think there is anything else that can make my daughter sadder!" Sunny Ahn clenched his fist and shook hands, and Yu Pei was almost embedded in her palm. Sunny Ahn’s attitude was very sure. She was going to wait for the house!
"Empress please forgive women! My daughter is leaving! " Sunny Ahn tried to suppress her displeasure when she didn’t want to surf any more, and blessed Shen Menglu, and then turned around and left.
"The first snow is dead!" Sunny Ahn just stepped out of the two steps, and Shen Menglu’s painful voice entered her ear, sunny Ahn leng in situ.
"Empress, you … you said this too much." It took a good half ring for An Qing to turn around and face Shen Menglu’s An Qingyin slightly trembled. I don’t know if it was because of fear or anger.
When the word comes out, water under the bridge! Shen Menglu’s heart ached, but he decided to tell Ahn Ching the truth himself. The cause of the first snow accident is still under investigation. Xie Gu obviously didn’t make it public. It means Ahn Ching will be rejected even if she goes.
Let Ahn Sunny go to Anhu Houfu and touch a nose of ashes, and then what happens to the boat might as well be that she will do this wicked man to the end!
Shen Menglu took a deep breath and tried to keep calm. "Gong is telling the truth. First snow is dead."
"Empress!" Sunny Ahn screamed and interrupted Shen Menglu’s words, "Empress, you … you don’t let my daughter see my sister, my daughter … just disappear … Empress, don’t be such a bad excuse …"
Bad? Shen Menglu’s self-deprecating tearing at the corners of his mouth is quite bad! Shen Menglu really hopes this is her excuse, but … "This is not an excuse, it is a fact." The truth is cruel, but no matter how bloody it is, it must be faced.
"Impossible! I don’t believe it! You lied to me! " Sunny Ahn is all tense and refuses to believe her ears.
Shen Menglu walked up to Ahn Sunny a few steps ago and looked at her transfixed. "Ahn Sunny, you should know that there is no reason to lie in the palace." If it is a lie, then her lying skills are too bad.
Sunny Ahn’s instant face was bloody, her lips trembled and she could not speak. Of course she knew that Shen Menglu had no reason to lie.
Actually, since yesterday, An Qing’s heart has been inexplicably uneasy. The twin sisters have an inexplicable empathy. At noon yesterday, An Qing suddenly felt a palpitation. She also wondered if something had happened to the first snow.
But then, on second thought, the first snow will tie the knot at first sight, and the palpitation may also be caused by the excitement of the first snow. Jia will go to Houfu to attend the wedding reception today, and Sunny Ahn will not rest assured of that inexplicable emotion.
But I didn’t expect … I didn’t expect … Her premonition was true! An Qing sincerely accepts such blows and facts.
Ahn Ching-chih wait for a while stood still, and the big bean tears rolled down from her eyes as if she had her own consciousness.
Shen Menglu knew that Sunny Ahn believed her when she spoke. Looking at Sunny Ahn like this, she was in tears. Shen Menglu’s heart was as dull as a knife.
"Sunny Ahn, you should know the reason why the palace prevented you from going to Hou Fu, because there is no bride and no wedding banquet, and even if you go, you will never see the first snow again." Shen Menglu felt like a cold executioner at the moment with a cold voice.
Sunny Ahn is still staring blankly like a Woodenhead who knows to shed tears quietly.

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