The captain’s eyes widened and he could not speak for a moment.

"Ha ha ha ha!"
The witch couldn’t help laughing.
"What is this situation?" The captain asked without waiting.
"It’s interesting that the ghost king is far less powerful than you, but if you really play, it’s a close situation."
The witch continued to smile and explained, "Come on, this rare divination result will bring me good luck from the mystery, so I won’t accept the money."
"Looking forward to your ending"
With that, her voice disappeared from the room
she has gone
The captain was left sitting there alone in the room.
Quiet for a while.
He suddenly growled, "Damn bastard!"
Punch table
Everything on the desktop jumped up and fell off the table and the floor.
But the coin still stood still.
"No, I will never allow-"
The captain muttered angrily
He got up and strode to the wall and put his hand away.
Suddenly his expression became very strange.
"Damn it, did the devil notice something?"
"… no, I have to make more preparations."
He rattled out of the room.
The door was severely beaten by him.
The room is completely quiet.
After several interest rates.
Suddenly, the smooth coin on the table slowly fell in one direction.
the other side
Gu Qingshan and Shannv once again entered the ruins of the No.2 spacecraft.
"Why did we come here?" The mountain girl asked.
"Because everyone outside doesn’t know that Bai Yu and Zhang Yi have already told the first mate and the second officer when they succeed in killing people here."
Gu Qingshan continued, "It’s ridiculous that the captain still pretends to be like a death knell to prove the fact."
The mountain girl thought carefully, "It’s strange to help Bai Yu frame Wang Chengren as the first mate and second mate, but the death knell didn’t ring. Is there something wrong with that clock?"
"No problem is the second mate" Gu Qingshan Road
The mountain girl asked Zheng, "Where did you see that?"
Gu Qingshan asked, "Do you remember when he spoke to the death knell?"
The mountain girl recalled carefully and repeated, "He said-I want to be in front of everyone. The second mate of the boat has never received benefits and never wanted to frame and kill one of her own people."

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