A relaxed look in the mouth is more chilling than a serious Gloria’s eyes, in which soft sword held her shadow in a flat hand. "Come on, let you taste my strongest blow!"

In the black-and-white world, there was a sudden flash of light, and two slender figures finally collided together, as if with a tragic breath in the air.
Gloria unexpectedly turned soft sword’s right hand into a silvery white, two-foot-long bright silver shock wave. Her hand was hesitant and her opponent was lying quietly. The blow had cut off her vitality, and a breeze swept over her, as if it had disappeared so abruptly when it appeared.
Gloria’s eyes suddenly shed two lines of blood and tears, which set off her white skin and became more and more strange. The strength of combining the pupil with firm but gentle was beyond her limit after all.
The "dead pupil" was originally called the most skilled pupil technique. Theoretically speaking, this pupil technique can find the enemy who is weak. It is said that no matter how strong the enemy is, it can be killed with one blow. But the biggest problem is that this weakness is not fixed. It is impossible for most pupil technicians to find it and hit the root accurately.
"Mom, I finally did it."
Gloria said softly, suddenly spit out a big mouthful of shocking blood, and her body became shaky and finally fell down.
Chapter 11 Enemy hot wheels
"Respect stars? Lucifer Hall is really a powerful and rude god, as I heard! "
To Liu Yue’s surprise, the magic fire didn’t appear all over the sky. The most strange thing is that the other party actually repeated the words he said when he just appeared. This is really not like a strong man. As far as Liu Yueshen is concerned, he never wants the enemy to say so much nonsense.
"You are really wordy. Did you live too long and even have a broken skull?"
The figure formed by the black fog was indifferent to Liu Yue’s irony. "You are too rude to talk about a god, but what can I expect from a guy who just came out of Barto?"
Liu Yue’s face turned cold and his heart was secretly horrified. This Ernie actually touched his details so clearly, but he knew nothing about him. "This person must not stay or he will become a disaster."
"I guess you must be wondering now how this guy knows me?" Ernie said in a teasing tone
"Not surprisingly, you should still think about killing this guy now!"
"How am I right?"
Liu Yue’s face is getting ugly. In fact, from now on, he has been looking for opportunities to make moves, but he hasn’t figured out how his opponent can solve his own attack just now. He doesn’t want to make rash moves because he has gradually become white to what heaven and hell will be so afraid of this shapeless guy.
In the face of such an inscrutable opponent, Liu Yue has no doubts in his heart. Listening to his tone seems to have known himself for a long time, but Liu Yue has been in the main material world for less than a year and has never left the east soil. Who knows himself through?
He quickly took care of his enemy. From the performance of the other side, it is obviously not like coming with goodwill. What’s worse, such a god hates ghosts and hates characters. Liu Yue asks himself that he can’t afford it. This is not to collect thousands of dark creatures or cover up a few heresies. It is comparable to being a little careless and afraid that everyone is shouting.
But to tell the truth, I’m afraid there are also Lingli among his enemies who can make such a big deal in this respect. Li Dian will never dare to mess with Ernie, even if it’s no matter how abrasive it is. After all, Los Angeles is not an evil god like Shar. If you go out, it will be fatal to the name of the church. What’s worse, those "dawn bearers" are also famous for their rigid brains
"I can’t believe that Ernie, the master of time, has become a running dog of Shar. Hum, you finally can’t help but shoot me!"
Liu Yue figured it out for a moment. Now that Shar has controlled the door of truth in his own hands, he will naturally not let go of the nearby Golden Sea. At present, there are not many people in the east who have the ability to swallow the whole Golden Sea, but it is not difficult for Shar. The best thing is that once the Golden Sea is in her hands, I am afraid I can kneel down.
"You’re smarter and more stupid than I thought. I wanted to have fun with you. Since you put it so plainly, I’ll carry out the orders given to me by the goddess."
After saying his word, I didn’t see Ernie’s dozens of pairs of green eyes shining at the same time. Everything around Liu Yuejue seems to be bizarre. It is difficult to describe this feeling in words. It seems to be fast and slow, and Ernie’s position has become far and near, which makes people unpredictable.
Liu Yue knew that he had met an enemy he had never seen before. When he dared not shake his hand carelessly, he protected himself for nine days. The number of weeks flashed golden characters and danced in a certain metaphysical law. Suddenly, the shadow world was as bright as day.
Ernie, however, was not in a hurry to attack, but looked at it with interest, as if the brilliant starlight characters were amazing, just like seeing a novel toy child
Masters often struggle to win or lose, even if Lingli comes here in person, she will never dare to be so careless. Liu Yue’s anger is extremely anti-laughing, and she will send the "god-fearing ghost * *" to the apex, suddenly revealing a black fog condensed into a giant spirit palm and quickly grasping it toward Ernie.
Compared with Liu Yue and others, Giovanni, some of them are lucky, and the three of them have taken care of each other together, but perhaps because of this, they are also "welcomed" much more warmly than others
The overwhelming shadows almost drowned the three people, and all kinds of grotesque and dangerous creatures emerged one after another. If the three people were not skilled, I am afraid they would be torn to pieces at the first time.
At this time, the three men formed an iron triangle formation. Giovanni rushed to the front. It looked like a toy flame dagger, and it also showed its true colors. It was a terrible weapon that looked like a machete and had more spikes and serrated blades.
The evil weapon from hell has finally found a chance to release its power, but the only fly in the ointment is that most of the shadowy creatures are empty bodies, which makes it more and more hungry. The strange sound like devil whispering once again flooded the battlefield.
Frank has long since lost his usual dull appearance, so-called "only paranoia can succeed". He is a typical example. He can make magic and transform himself into a semi-purgatory creature. The root of this kind of madness in the eyes of ordinary people is that he takes it for granted. Besides doing experiments, he has never given up his monk practice for so many years. He is second only to Giovanni in strength, but he has less fighting experience. After all, he has no actual combat opportunities for so many years.

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