Su Jinghe is a little guilty for being so lazy and unreasonable. Yes, why are you so stupid? Why didn’t you think of it?

The wife died a narrow escape. Shouldn’t she stew a soup herself?
Su Jinghe didn’t not bashful when Jessica Fong Ching denied it-he was afraid that she would be disappointed, so he smiled vaguely and laughed. "You’re going to drink it while it’s hot. The man said that black chicken soup is the most tonic! It’s a pity that this town can’t buy ginseng. It doesn’t matter if we go back, it’s nothing to eat ginseng as a meal! "
Jessica Fong Ching laughed "nonsense again! Anyone who often eats something like that is not afraid of being unbearable! "
I looked down at the chicken soup stew, which was very fragrant and I drank it with a spoon.
Su Jinghe looked at her heart a little more and was glad to see that she had finished the soup. "What else? Would you like another bowl?"
"no!" Jessica Fong Ching laughed. "I can’t drink it just after dinner!"
Su Jinghe smiled and said, "It’s better to stew again!" You have to reach for the bowl.
Jessica Fong Ching is leaned owe evaded laughed "where can let my husband to do this kind of work? I’ll do it! It’s late at night, husband. Go back to sleep! "
Su Jinghe embarrassed to grab a bowl with her. "You haven’t recovered yet. Let me do it …"
Jessica Fong Ching smiled and shook his head.
When she came back, Su Jinghe still didn’t take the Jessica Fong Ching service road in her room. "Husband, you should go back to your room and rest!" Without sympathy and guilt, he said, "This town has nothing to amuse itself, and there is no beauty to get by. Beauty can accompany you and wronged your husband!" "
"…" Su Jinghe became more and more uncomfortable and depressed in his heart. He was just about to make two complaints. Suddenly he thought to his daughter-in-law. This is also his consideration. How can he say that she is not kind?
Daughter-in-law must have been frightened by his accident before, so she left him alone and followed him
But if she had said that before, he might have twisted his nose with joy, but now it sounds so unpleasant!
Partial taste can also be suffered in my heart, and I can’t tell her half a word.
Su Jinghe is more depressed!
Besides, he doesn’t want to go back to his room. He just wants to stay in his wife’s room.
Before, because both of them were ill, it was convenient to separate two rooms for diagnosis, treatment and care. Now that both of them are ill, why should they be divided into two rooms?
Su Jinghe is so cheeky. Jessica Fong Ching, of course, let him look quickly. Instead, he looked at it decisively and then grabbed Jessica Fong Ching’s hand and smiled. "Wife, we are husband and wife, right?"
Fang Qing nodded and said, "Did my husband give orders?"
Su Jinghe was bored by her kind words, but she still said, "wife, I don’t want to go back to my room. We should live together when we come!" I will live here with you! "
"If my husband wants to live here, let’s live here!" Jessica Fong Ching smiled.
Su Jinghe froze him, and she would refuse to be awkward with him.
But looking at her expression and attitude, although she responded to Su Jinghe, she was not happy!
"Wife, aren’t you angry?" Su Jinghe sighed and said, "I will listen even if you scold me!"
This sentence is really more sincere than the bottom of his heart.
Jessica Fong Ching is smile not gentle way "husband, what is this! Ok, what am I doing? "
Say never put off till tomorrow what you can gently sigh "after such a life and death I also calculate cheer up, it doesn’t matter what someone is good is the most important! My husband doesn’t like to take care of the family business, so no matter whether my husband likes to go to Meixianglou to play, he just wants to take a concubine, so he can take it back and play if he wants to drink and have fun! Now my father-in-law is not too old. I can learn it after studying with my father-in-law and shopkeepers for a few years. Let my son take over after we have a baby! Do you have to force your husband to do something he doesn’t like? Being a family is better than anything else! "
"…" Su Jinghe was dumbfounded, looking at a face of sincere and sincere wife, listening to his wife’s heartfelt words. Su Jinghe was screaming in his heart, not like this! That’s not true!
How can a daughter-in-law do this to him? But what qualifications does he have to accuse 189? Chapter 189 of training 36
If he hadn’t refused to take over the family business, a young woman would have gone so far to do these things?
This time, she was lucky enough to avoid a robbery, but she did this because of herself!
I rushed to find her, but I was unlucky …
In fact, if you take over the family business early, it is impossible to run a trip in person. It is necessary to sit in the ground and become a sideline. There are layers of shopkeepers and guys to run errands!
Daughter-in-law wants to know more about all aspects as soon as possible before it becomes like this! In the final analysis, the roots are all in yourself.
This robbery deserved his daughter-in-law’s share, but he was implicated. Now he still has to listen to her remorse. How does he feel in his heart?
Jessica Fong Ching smiles. "Husband, should you be relieved now? It’s getting late, husband. Let’s rest early! If you don’t get well after a serious illness, don’t you feel distressed when you go back to your parents-in-law! "
Su Jinghe increasingly depressed looks up at Fang Qing can’t help but blurt out the sidewalk "What about you? Will you feel distressed? "
Jessica Fong Ching Zheng smiled. "That’s natural!"
That’s natural. Su Jinghe understood that because he is her husband and she is a good wife, she will naturally feel distressed! But if he’s not like this! If he were her, he would really love him …
Su Jinghe was a little depressed. Why did he ask her to treat him like this?
At that time, I was utterly confused and wanted to stay here with her, but I didn’t want to see her show herself a "good" wife.
Su Jinghe misses Jessica Fong Ching, who didn’t lose his strength in the heroic spirit of his brow.
As a wife, although she gnashed her teeth with hate, she also gnashed her teeth with love …
"You rest, I went back to my room!" Su Jinghe gave her a look and said, "I’m afraid I’ll stay here and disturb your sleep."
"It’s very kind of husband! You and I don’t have to be like this! " Jessica Fong Ching smiled so dignified and virtuous that he couldn’t pick out the slightest mistake.
Su Jinghe looks more ugly and turns around and walks.
"Husband, walk slowly!" Jessica Fong Ching used to hook the door from the inside and smiled.
Don’t you like being in charge of you? Isn’t it just a stubborn donkey holding on and going backwards?
Ok! Then let you do whatever you want at will. If you think it’s so interesting, then live this life in such a muddle!
Su Jinghe went back to the room and sighed when you are sad.
Sue four saw the heart and pulled it up again. "What’s the matter with you, master?" Is there something wrong with you? I’ll ask the doctor for it! "
"live!" Su Jinghe glared at him and pointed to the position of his heart. "Does your young master feel uncomfortable to see a doctor?"
"Ah?" Su Si leng leng smile apologetically said, "Who made the young master angry?"
"no!" Su Jinghe sighed and went to bed.
Sue four aside wanted to think consciously realized the main idea and smile apologetically "master but too boring? There is no law for this slave! This town is remote and deserted. What can we do? Doesn’t even have a flower house-"
"Shut up!" Where can Su Jinghe listen to this now? A sat up from the bed staring at Sue four reprimanded "you this fucking thing hu said? Who’s thinking about flowers? Your young lady is still ill! "
Sue four leng leng is not white. Is Mrs. Shao ill or not? What does it matter if the young master goes to the flower house or not?
But the young master is angry and angry. Being a slave naturally requires confessing.
So Sue four knelt down and kept saying, "Damn slave! Slave Hu said! Damn the slave! "
In order to enhance the effect and sincerity of confessing, he said damn it and gently fanned his mouth

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